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Biff and Delorean

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Hi everyone !

There was always two things in bttf2 the bothered me.
One is Biff and Delorean and second is Doc become some way commended by goverment (newspaper )

When Marty and Doc travel to the future, senior Biff spot the Delorean and instead of saying some trivial "WTF is this?" He KNEW that this was a Time machine, and knew how to set a clock, go 80 miles etc... Ha ! He even told his younger self that in the future Marty or Doc will go after him.

Question remains : How he knew this much about Delorean?! How he knew this "crazy, wild-eyed old man who claims to be a scientist" ?

In the 2rd part Doc shown Marty newspaper with text "Emmett Brown commended". I assume that in later years he told the world about time travels (and create a Institute of Future Technology image

Sorry if i made any grammar mistakes. English is not my native language :(
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