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This thread mostly exists for the poll, that is, I want to sort of gauge general opinion, given the lack of information we have.

How do you feel about the upcoming King's Quest game?

Excited: I'm extremely excited, and I'm certain that Telltale will make something that at the very least borders on perfection. I love that Telltale has the franchise, and I can't wait to see what they have in store!

Cautiously Optimistic: I'm not really sure they'll do a good job, but I expect them to.

Unsure: I'm really mixed on the whole thing or have no real opinion yet.

Pessimistic: I don't really expect them to do a good job, and need convincing.

Upset: Angry or otherwise unhappy that Telltale got the license. I'm almost certain that Telltale can't or doesn't want to deliver something that meets or exceeds my expectations for a King's Quest game. I do not like the idea of this at all.

I'm on the "Upset" category, and if anyone thinks my wording or the poll are in any way unfair or biased, please let me know. I tried to balance it out as well as I could, without directly insulting any responses. I understand that I'm probably an outlier, and the majority of people probably exist somewhere in the middle three options. "Upset" and "Excited" don't necessarily mean you CAN'T be convinced otherwise(though this may be the case), but that you at least are going to need some heavy persuasion to the contrary.
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  • Pessimistic - I think I've stated my reasons loud enough in other threads. :)
  • For the Record, I voted "Cautiously Optimistic."
  • Here is the deal ladies and gentlemen at least as I see it... TTG has been pretty good at being respectful to each property they make a game for obviously they still have their own personal touch to each one.. I personally do not think that is a bad thing....

    Another point I would like to make is just because you didn't like a certain season of games its not really fair to say OMG TTG is going to ruin Kings Quest!!! Give them a chance to actually make the game and honestly ... Kings Quest has been dead for a long long time.... the last game that actually resembled a KQ game was 17 years ago and each game evolved from each installment this will just be another step... I personally think they definitely have what it takes to make it a great game... and I think the negativity and in some cases outright hostility is extremely premature.
  • The problem is, TTG has a track record from which we can extrapolate how they make their games. I personally don't want to see KQ in the same style as BTTF or TMI.
  • I personally do not think that those two games are the same style... nor do I think they are the same as Sam and Max or Wallace and Gromit... and certainly not like Puzzle Agent... I think TTG has more than one color in their crayon box is what I am saying... I think the KQ game will be true to Kings Quest... with a touch of TTG.
  • I really want to look forward to Telltale's King's Quest. But I just can't bring myself at this point to get my hopes up after all I've experienced from Telltale. They make mediocre games at best. They're none of them phenomenal or extraordinary. They don't push the bar, which to me is what King's Quest was all about. I really want to look forward to it and be positive but I just can't based on my experience. Hostility is a little excessive, yes. But that doesn't mean there isn't cause for a little pessimism.

    And just because there hasn't been a King's Quest game in over a decade doesn't mean it's alright to settle for a mediocre game. I'd rather have KQ stay dead and buried than make a mediocre return. The reason we remember the KQ games as great and fun titles is because they were exactly that. It's not worth bringing it back if those elements are not going to return. That's the way I see it.
  • ^

    glad theres at least one person on the forums that doesn't just praise telltale for remaking adventure games
  • I dunno I really enjoyed ToMI and the S&M games ... I think they are just as good as many of my favorite oldies..
  • Nah, they don't hold a candle to the classics in my opinion. TMI comes close. I was always waiting for S&M to get better, though, and it just never did. When I heard that everyone thought Season 2 was a big improvement on the first season I was excited to play it, but I guess my hopes were too high because it never really impressed me any more than Season 1 did.
    hamza721;468277 said:

    glad theres at least one person on the forums that doesn't just praise telltale for remaking adventure games
    Have you met my friend Rather Dashing?...
  • Can we at least not have any bugs?

    I dislike playing a game and, for example, telling Sam to shoot at something but his gun points in the wrong direction from his hand; or having a potentially funny moment with a pyrite parrot be ruined when its mouth moves but no sound comes out; or having enough bugs to correct in Poker Night that they felt obligated to add bonus content to go with the update. I haven't played BTTF ep 2 yet, but from what I hear it's rather buggy indeed.

    also, now that I think about it, they still haven't released the Earl Boen PC download of TOMI.

    Your words may slowly be winning me back toward giving Telltale the benefit of the doubt, but there are still things that get me hung up on the issue. I don't want bugs. I don't want hand holding. I don't want a game made for the masses at the expense of hardcore fans.

    Call me skeptical. Call me unsure. All I know is that Telltale has a lot riding on this one- a whole lot. And I'm not sure they're up to the task.
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