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Leisure Suit Larry

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tbm1986;467385 said:
They even tested the water with Leisure Suit Larry, which they must have picked up on by seeing posts by me and one or two others that lurk on the forums. I don't think we'll ever see a LSL game made by TTG (1) because the demand is too low and 2) getting Sierra to lease out any IPs must take some doing) but that doesn't stop me hoping I'm wrong.
1- Sierra doesn't exist anymore, the IPs of the defunct company and retired brand are now owned by ActiVision
2- ActiVision doesn't own the IP for Leisure Suit Larry anymore. They sold it to CodeMasters.
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  • JuntMonkey;468972 said:
    People need to get over 2D.
    What for? Whats with with 2D being used in video games?
  • guys do realize there Is a new LSL game...called Magna Cum Laude
  • There are two. Magna Cum Laude and Box Office Bust. Both suck horribly.
  • MusicallyInspired;469022 said:
    There are two. Magna Cum Laude and Box Office Bust. Both suck horribly.
    And Al Lowe had no connection with them. Plus Magna Cum Laude was on the edge of Fritz the cat's and South Park's Alley with that kind of humor.
  • MusicallyInspired;468623 said:
    Yeah, I've known people who aren't even gamers that know who Leisure Suit Larry is.
    Probably because he's a trope.
  • Irishmile;468879 said:
    But the really Awesome thing about Al is that he seems to ALWAYS reply to emails.
    You're right!
    When the come back from Monkey Island was announced, I had a little thought for him and sent him that email:
    Hey Al!
    First time I'm sending you an email!
    I'm not sure if you know about Monkey Island or other Lucasart old adventure games, but there seems to be a come back interest to the adventure game type for Lucasart. Not only did they allowed Telltales to bring an all new game for the MI serie (Tales of Monkey Island) but they also bring us a Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition (remake of the first one) that can bring back an interest for the adventure game and maybe some more remake or sequel can be made!
    So now I was wondering, what do you think about all that? Maybe If all go well, Sierra (or another compagnie) can do some remake of LSL, or a REAL LSL 8, with YOUR involvement!
    (Because Ron Gilbert, original Designer for MI 1 & 2 was asked for brainstorming for tales of monkey island, and could also go to lucasart to see how the remake was doing)
    Now I sure hope it can be made! (because they did a pretty good job with MI)

    Have a good day!
    His answer:
    Thanks, Diorm. Yes, I've heard about MI and the other games but the Leisure Suit Larry franchise is very screwed up right now. I doubt that anyone could bring it back successfully!

  • Haha!! Al sounds angry about it!

    I didn't play any LSL games since "Love for Sail", but I think if anyone could bring it back from Sucktown, it would be Telltale.
  • I return bearing news from E3...

    Larry's back (kinda)...and he brought Al with him.
  • This news already came out, actually. Al Lowe mentioned it on his Facebook and in some German video. Nice to see it again though!
  • Brainiac;512123 said:
    I return bearing news from E3...

    Larry's back (kinda)...and he brought Al with him.
    Wait, so it's a remake? They got Al Lowe and they're making a remake? Why not make a new game? The plot of Lust In Space had potential!
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