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What we have learned from Jurassic Park (Just for fun thread)

posted by WARP10CK on - last edited - Viewed by 4.9K users
I made a simmiliar thread in the BTTF forums and decided to make one here as well
Anyway here are my picks keep adding them guys

#1 You should always put locking mechanisms on the vehical doors.
#2 If there is a fatass who isn't very nice.... don't allow him admin access.
#3 Dont let the token black guy go to the power hut alone.
#4 Dont climb electric fences. Ever.
#5 Always put shaving cream on someone else's pie.
#6 Wash your hands before you eat anything
#7 Make sure you run it over when you come back down.
#8 Know the magic word.
#9 Dont openly admit you hate kids, because you will get stuck with them the entire time.
#10 Always check the vending machines first for devious people.
#11 If its heavy, its expensive.
#12 When ya gotta go, you gotta go.
#13 Kids get scared.
#14 Never ask "where's the goat?" You will find the goat.
#15 Rippling water = Danger
#16 Chances are, if you were in the jeep before, you'll end up in a jeep again.
#17 Same thing applies to trees.
#18 Climbing down trees is not impossible.
#19 Nobody cares that we got Dodson here.
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