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Will TellTale be selling other Jurassic Park merchandise as well?

posted by waroftheworlds01 on - last edited - Viewed by 15.3K users
So, I was looking through the TellTale Store and I see Back to the Future shirts, Back to the Future card game, and a bunch of other merchandise from their games. So I have to ask...

Will they be selling Jurassic Park merchandise as well?

Cause I could use a new Jurassic Park shirt. And a Jurassic Park card game would be cool.
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  • Here are some ideas I have.

    T-shirts would be a must, I would totally buy one (if they come in extra large :P)

    trading cards, with characters and dinosaurs in the game

    A small booklet that has concept art and production notes. Kind of like how they did with Star Wars the Clone Wars season 1 DVD release.

    Mugs, cups, and plates (the plate should the plate from the scene where they eat Chillian Sea Bass in the first movie)

    key chains would be nice.

    mouse pads, that could go well with the PC/Mac version of the game.

    bobble heads, and the Dennis Nedry one would look like how he looked on his computer saying "ah ah ah! You didn't say the magic word!"
  • The map of the park, and brochure, would be really cool. And if it is possible, an adequate toy car. If Ford explorer would be featured (at least under different name, to not involve the license). It is really sad that until now only thing that we have is this 1/20 scale model.
    It is the time for something like this -
  • what about the merchandise from the first movie? like in the gift shop scene? copy some of them items.
  • The map and brochures of the park would be cool indeed. It would be particularly nice, if Ford Explorer will be featured in-game (and I hope that it will), for Telltale to offer a 1/20 Ford explorer for a sale (or smaller scale). It is really sad that until present day there had been only one such model (and a wrong one, if I may add)

    I long to see something like this one: (keep in mind, this is not factory made, but a fan creation)
  • It's always a pleasure to watch some concept art, I'll buy it if you make a book with concept art.
  • Posters would be cool.
  • FPug;466881 said:
    Posters would be cool.
    How bout the Telltale Jurassic Park poster you had at E3, Telltale? That would be great, or how bout those ones you had at GDC which I got to see in person that featured the Rex and Trike in that epic duel? That would be cool although I would also love to buy the Rex in the rotunda... hell, everything from the game that I have seen, I have loved so I'll buy whatever poster, or whatever merchandise you can come up with (that means if you make it expensive you will make lotsa money offa me ;) )!
  • What about calenders? That'd be pretty cool.
  • I know its unlikely but action figures of in-game characters would be pretty dang cool... So I can buy them for my son and secretly play with them when everyone is out of the house.
  • I would love to own a Jurassic Park mug!

    These are affordable for Telltale I think: the mug and the T-shirt.

    But I have always wondered about the merchandise IN the first movie (in the scene with Hammond, Ellie and the ice cream). Oh and I would love to have that wallpaper of Jurassic Park from the Isla Sorna Visitor Center (or whatever building that was).
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