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deluxe edition worth it?

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So I have tales for my ps3, but I was looking at the deluxe edition. Is it worth getting, I know it comes with the game, but is it worth the extra goodies?
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  • I really love my copy... but Im a huge MI fan
  • What do you think of the extras?
  • the coin is my favorite extra... all the others are good too but the coin is the nicest.

    I had to get the voodoo card set to add to it.
  • I honestly don't think so, personally. As a break-down:

    -The box is pretty nice. Fairly well-designed, though the cardboard is a bit thin(so be careful with it).
    -The map feels VERY cheaply printed, like you might see on free T-shirts, and it's printed on a budget handkerchief.
    -The coin has the same(great) material quality as the Soul Train coin from the Season Two case file. UNLIKE the Season Two case file, the Tales coin has a nasty Tales of Monkey Island logo stamped on the opposite side, which makes it feel like cheap merchandise rather than feeling like an object lifted from the game world.
    -The coaster is also more or less what you'd expect, but it also has the "logo" issue, where one side is just a giant logo.
    -The button is quite good. Large, gaudy, just the way it should be.
    -The slipcover case is a disaster. Purcell's art was amazing, but they put it centered on the slipcover like they didn't want to size it or anything. It's in this white box, and the white edges go around the rest of the case, as well. Boring white sides, with the Tales logo, and a huge insult on the back: A series of cardboard cutouts that actually ask you to cut up your Collector's Edition slipcover. It's disrespectful, ugly, and gaudy, just the way it shouldn't be.

    Overall, the trinkets are cute, but OBVIOUS GLARING FLAWS make it not worth the full price of admission.
  • Thanks, since I own the game I prob won't get it. I bought the 6 buttons pack and t-shirt instead.
  • The deluxe edition is absolutely NOT worth it. It contains pure junk. None of the items are of even decent quality. It's very disappointing. I guess Telltale is just budget games.
  • yeah I can see how some people would not find the items worth the extra money... But I was happy with it... If they added more stuff like it to the store I would buy that too..
  • If you're not going to buy the Deluxe Edition, then I would recommend that you at least get the Voodoo Cards. I bought them along with the deluxe edition, and they were the piece of merchandise that I was most impressed with; well printed, great artwork, decent-sized and with no logo on the individual designs (only on the case).
  • Yeah I bought

    Deluxe edition
    signed poster (now framed on my wall)
    art portfolio
    Voodoo cards
    buttons set 2... I missed the first set :(

    I also have my submission from the unofficial photoshop contest that the ToMI crew signed and the ribbon and letter they sent, in with all my other ToMI stuff...

    I think the only thing I do not have is the shirt and set one of buttons :(

    I am happy with all of it.... but I like these sorts of things.
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