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What we have learned from Jurassic Park (Just for fun thread)

posted by WARP10CK on - last edited - Viewed by 4.9K users
I made a simmiliar thread in the BTTF forums and decided to make one here as well
Anyway here are my picks keep adding them guys

#1 You should always put locking mechanisms on the vehical doors.
#2 If there is a fatass who isn't very nice.... don't allow him admin access.
#3 Dont let the token black guy go to the power hut alone.
#4 Dont climb electric fences. Ever.
#5 Always put shaving cream on someone else's pie.
#6 Wash your hands before you eat anything
#7 Make sure you run it over when you come back down.
#8 Know the magic word.
#9 Dont openly admit you hate kids, because you will get stuck with them the entire time.
#10 Always check the vending machines first for devious people.
#11 If its heavy, its expensive.
#12 When ya gotta go, you gotta go.
#13 Kids get scared.
#14 Never ask "where's the goat?" You will find the goat.
#15 Rippling water = Danger
#16 Chances are, if you were in the jeep before, you'll end up in a jeep again.
#17 Same thing applies to trees.
#18 Climbing down trees is not impossible.
#19 Nobody cares that we got Dodson here.
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  • #41 If you stand really still.... the T-rex will start to question its life. Wondering why you are not afraid of him and running away, he will then get seriously depressed and lose its appetite.... but the second you run he gets all pumped up like a T-rex king and eats you while you are on the toilet.

    (that was actually my facebook update from June 20, 2010 at 5:43pm)
  • #42 If you're 40+ ugly as sin and want to act tough wear the shortest short shorts money can buy sparing no expense and that they must hold onto your butt very tightly and hold king Kong in your frontal region. Also they must be made out of a khaki material.

    #43 When you are an black man and getting your arm ripped off by raptors the skin turns white for your arm

    #44 Fat people have butter fingers

    #45 Turning the wheel very fast does not slow you down

    #46 Lawyers in the end always get what they deserve. Dishing out shit and getting eaten up for it

    #47 (from jp3) Good intentions always lead to the worst possible outcomes

    #48 just because you spared no expense doesn't mean that one big pile of shit wont hit the fan

    #49 When talking seriously Sam Neil looks like a chimp

    #50 If you happen to be in a dinosaur movie rocking a mustache then in the video game tie in released 18 years later you will be 15 years younger and missing that mustache :D

    #51 Don't flash a flashlight at a t rex and point it up at a glass ceiling thinking it won't break it
  • #52 A cell phone can survive inside spinosaurus guts
  • #53 This is a game trail; carnivores hunt on game trails.
  • #54 Life finds a way.
  • #55 Don't make mommy very angry.
  • #56 Spare no expense, but give total control of the state of art security system to one greedy fat bastard
    #57 If that fat bastard doesn't mess with raptors, you definitely should
  • #58 Mr.DNA comes from your blood.
  • #59 Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.
  • #60 When they say spit, They mean your gum.
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