Glitch in Case 2 in CSI 3 Demensions of Murder for the PS2

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I bought this game yesterday at GameStop. I got to the point in the second case where after you collect all the evidense at the crime scene, talk to witness, and then do the testing at the Mobile Unit, it would unlock the morgue, the lab, and Brass's office. Except that never happened. I restarted the level twice, restarted my PS2 twice, same thing.

I am not pleased right now. I feel that I have purchased a faulty product. I know I did everything in order to unlock those three locations. :mad:

And I have read through a couple places on the net and realized I'm not the only one who's going through this problem. Is the game like this for all the PS2 versions?

EDIT: Wow. I love the response from TellTale at my post. It's nice to know that they value gettting back to their customer's problems so much. Especially since I blew over $30 on a product that should probably recalled due to the fact that a lot of people are having the same exact problem I am. Hopefully Gamestop will give me my full refund, and I will tell them why I am returning it when I go there. I will NOT keep a product that does not work. Also, I might add I will never buy another CSI game again if they are going to be faulty and the customer service is going to be shotty.


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    Unfortunately, we actually had nothing to do with the PS2 version of this game. While we developed the original 3DOM for the PC, it was given to another company to to the PS2 version and they practically reprogrammed it from scratch. Since I have read that other people have finished this game, I assume this is not a problem in all PS2 versions (Unless it only happens if you do things in a specific order). You may want to contact Ubisoft if you are still having problems. Sorry we couldnt help more.
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    Pass the buck, how lovely. Your company's name is still on the game when it pops up on the screen, is it not?

    How do you know it's not the PC users of this game that are the ones that are getting it completed?? Hell, even another person that posted on this site posted that she was having the exact same problem as myself, and that she bought ANOTHER copy of the game and had no positive results with that one either.

    Also,'s forum has a couple people complaining about the problem as well.

    I think your company needs to look into what companies they give their games to too refomat them for PS2's. Cause obviously Ubisoft didn't do such a bang up job here. A recall perhaps?
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    We have no control over what happens to the game once it goes to the publisher, sorry.
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    Again, passing the buck. Lovely. I love how this company takes responsibility for a product of theirs when it's faulty.

    NEVER again will I buy a telltale/ubi game. NEVER.

    I spent $30 for NOTHING!!! Thanks a fucking lot. *very mad*:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

    Also, I plan on telling everyone "friends, family, people at Gamestop, review, various gaming message boards* about the faulty product and your lack of responsibility for your product.
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    Actually, it would only count as 'passing the buck' if there were actually something we could do. As Mark said, we didn't develop the PS2 version. The port was done by someone other than Telltale, and they recoded so much of it that it bears very little resemblance internally to the game we originally made. And, since Ubisoft is the publisher, if there's actually a bug, you need to go to their support department. There's just no way around that. We actually cannot help you with a technical problem in a game release we didn't have anything to do with. That's how thing work, I'm sorry :(
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    Sure you're sorry. NOT.

    This is bullshit! I spent 30 fucking bucks on this game THAT DOES NOT WORK while you guys sit around giving me excuses. Yes, I will contact ubi as well. but your company's name is ALSO on the PS2 version of the game, so take fucking responibility for your product, will you not?

    Telltale is the orginial programers of the game. Telltale allowed ubi to redo their game for PS2. In the end telltale STILL SHARES SOME RESPONSIBILTY FOR THIS CRAP!
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    To be honest, I'm not really even sure what you want us to do here. Mark and I have both tried to point you to the best place to get support for your game, which is Ubisoft. Apart from that, there's nothing we can do for you except to suggest returning the game to the retailer you got it from.

    If there's something you think we can do to help, by all means let us know. You're also welcome to keep yelling at us if you think it'll help, but in the end it's pretty counterproductive.
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