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    Also, this thread is a great idea.
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    If you uncensored Timmy, what did he really say? :D
    GT said:
    I think even I can answer this one - it is because by the end of the season one, pretty much everyone was getting tired of seeing the same street in every single episode.
    No one got sick of looking at the same Sesame Street. :p (j/k)
  • That reminds me, who did the rag-doll animation for the Elmers?
  • Something for the Production team that got me curious:

    The Brady Culture Chia pet grew rather fast in 201. I, and probably like many others, were expecting it to be one of those slow growth that would change from episode to episode. Is this one of those secret status bars that indicates how far you are in the plot of the episode by how much flora has grown on the clay statuette?

    *can't wait to see how big the fro gets come 205* :D

    And for the Designers:

    How long did it take you guys to write the acronym for PARANOID? :D LOL
  • Question for the Production Team

    This will probably be answered when the actual episode releases, but I'm curious as to how much of the character animations made it from the trailers into the game, particularly with Episode 202. And in a related "for fun" question, which animation did you guys do exclusively for the trailer for 202 that you wish was in the game?:D
  • We almost never do custom animations for the episode trailers, actually.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    I think Chia Brady in 201 grows more and more every time you come and go from the office, and yeah, what Doug said about the trailer is right. Nick built that out of animations from the game, either shots which were directly captured straight out of the game (with handheld camera effect), or pieced shots together from a bunch of animations and moments in the game, reconfigured for the trailer.
  • Care to explain the different animated sequences then in the trailer for 201?

    I don't remember Sam crouching down during the Snow Devil description or the Soda Popers climbing a snow bank and then looking over it ever appearing in the episode.:p
  • Those were existing animations, the scenes just didn't appear that way in the game. They're two different things.
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