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List your adventure games here :)

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I just wrote a list of all my adventure games and I thought it'd be fun to have a thread about that here.

So here goes :
Roberta Williams Anthology (3 copies) -
This anthology contains Kings Quest 1-7, both Laura Bow games, all the Apple II adventure games Roberta Williams made and Mixed Up Mother Goose

Kings Quest 8 - original big box
This game was a HUGE letdown and one of the few Sierra adventure games (if you could call it that) I still haven't finished.
It's more of an action game and it doesn't have the Kings Quest feel to it at all. I've read that Roberta was pushed into making it differently than she originally intended by some guys in suits :(

The Black Cauldron - original box
Adventure game for children based on the Disney cartoon of the same name. Roberta was involved with this (as was Al Lowe, the creator of the Larry games) but it was not included in the Roberta Williams Anthology for legal reasons.

Manhunter 1&2 - original boxes
Old AGI Sierra adventure games.. really different that "normal" adventure games but still fun. I like the sci-fi settings.

Codename Iceman - original box
A game in which you're an agent.. made by Jim Walls, the retired police officer behind the first three Police Quest games.

Freddy Pharkas - Sierra Classics box
Very funny game by Al Lowe in which you control a pharmacist cowboy :D

Willy Beamish (floppy, CD and Sega CD versions) - original boxes
Very cool game from Dynamix in which you control this little kid getting involved in all kinds of trouble! I have lots of good memories with this one.

Kings Quest 1-8 including rare AGI version of KQ4 - original boxes (some a little damaged and I don't have the original KQ7 box)
Classic series from Roberta Williams. As everyone probably knows, KQ1 is claimed to be the first "3D animated adventure game".. 3D as in you can move in front and behind of objects :D
Kings Quest 4 is supposed to be one of the first games using a soundcard, and Kings Quest 5 is said to be one of the first VGA games with full speech released on CD rom. I have both the floppy and the CD rom version of KQ5 and I prefer the floppy version due to the crappy voice acting (by Sierra employees).

Space Quest 1-6 - original boxes
My favourite Sierra series.. really funny series about this space age janitor named Roger Wilco. Very funny stuff!

Quest for Glory Anthology -
Includes Quest for Glory 1-4. All really good games, but QFG 2 has a special place in my heart :)
Very cool mix of role playing and adventure.

Quest for Glory V - original big box with soundtrack CD
Pretty good game but nowhere near as good as the previous games in the series (in my opinion).

Conquests of Camelot - original box
Very cool game set in medieval times with Lancelot and the gang.. I don't remember much from this game at all though as I only finished it once MANY years ago.

Conquests of the Longbow - original box
The "sequel" to Conquest of Camelot.. it's not related in any way though other than the fact that it's about a legend.. this time it's Robin Hood. The best Robin Hood game I've ever played, wonderful game.

Leisure Suit Larry Ultimate Pleasure Pack - original box
Contains Larry 1-7 (still no sign of Larry 4 hehe), Larrys Casino and Laffer Utilities.
Very cool series, really funny and sometimes I can relate to the main character [:">]
I think Larry 7 was a really good end to this series and I wish that garbage by the name of Magma Cum Laude had never been released.. it's a cheap cash-in and it really sucks.

Gabriel Knight Mysteries - original box
Contains Gabriel Knight 1&2 and one of the Gabriel Knight novels. Also contains the comic book that was originally included with Gabriel Knight 1 (which was missing from the Sierra Classics re-release) in PDF form (or some scanned form at least).

Gabriel Knight 3 - original box
The last in the Gabriel Knight series. Good game but I don't like the 3D graphics.. takes away much of the athmosphere found in the previous two games.

Phantasmagoria - original big box
This game got terrible reviews. It's really easy, has a lot of bad acting, the video quality isn't really good at all and some more stuff like that, but for some reason I've always really liked this game.

Phantasmagoria 2 - original box
The sequel to Phantasmagoria.. or not really. It was only named Phantasmagoria 2 in order to cash in on the fame Phantasmagoria. It is a FMV horror game but that's the only likeness it has to Phantasmagoria.
The end sucks (in my opinion) and many people hate it, but I actually kind of liked it.

Torins Passage - Sierra Classics release
Another game by Al Lowe, this time for children (he started out writing software for children so this shouldn't be a big surprise).
I actually didn't like this game much at all, didn't push the right buttons with me.

Gold Rush - original box with the included book
Funny little game set in the gold rush days. It's pretty short as there are different routes you can take through the game and so each of them are pretty short. Not really an excellent game or anything, but I kind of enjoyed it.

EcoQuest - some re-release box, CD version
Haven't even played this game yet, still looking for the sequel.

Police Quest collection - original box
Contains Police Quest 1-4 and the first SWAT game.
I really like the first three PQ games by Jim Walls.. really cool storylines and good puzzles and athmosphere.
The fourth game by Daryl F. Gates is rather bad I think and I've never even bothered to finish it.
The first SWAT game is also pretty terrible and also by Daryl F. Gates. I never bothered to play it for more than an hour or so.

Police Quest 1-4 in original boxes
These games don't really come with as much cool stuff as Sierra games used to, but it's still cool to have the boxes.. pretty nice boxes (as most Sierra games had).

Dagger of Amon Ra (floppy and CD versions) - original boxes
The second (and last) game featuring Laura Bow.. this time you're in a museum solving a murder case (that happens while you're there of course hehe).
Really good game.

Colonels Bequest - original box
This is the first game starring Laura Bow and you're in this mansion and murders start occuring. Very good game and pretty athmospheric.. I felt nervous at certain points in the game. You have to be at the right place at the right time in some places though as events will take place if you're there to see (or overhear) them or not.

Monkey Island 1-4 (incl. PS2 version of MI4 and Amiga versions of MI1&2) - original boxes
My favourite adventure game series ever! The world is so immersive and even though the games are really funny, they're also very athmospheric and have AWESOME soundtracks!
Monkey Island 4 was a letdown but MI1-3 are absolutely fantastic (MI1&2 are my favourites though).

Lucasarts Classics Collection (or something like that, don't remember the name exactly) - original big box (was only released on floppies) -
Contains Maniac Mansion, Indiana Jones 3 (the adventure game based on Indy 3), Loom floppy version and Monkey Island 1 floppy version.
Very cool collection in a huge box.. I got this one because I wanted to own Manian Mansion, Indy 3 and the floppy version of Loom (which is in 16 colors only).

Loom CD version - 2 copies - original boxes
Very good "remake" of Loom in 256 colors and with full speech (the speech is in one big audio track on the CD and the game fast forwards and backwards to certain locations in that audio track when the game plays speech or sound effects.. this must've run terribly on single speed CD roms which were normal when this game was released.. or as normal as CD roms were back then).

The Dig - original box
Very cool sci-fi Lucasarts adventure game.. Steven Spielberg had something to do with this, not exactly sure what.
Very cool game with an awesome story. Some weird "Myst" type puzzles though.

Day of the Tentacle - original box
The sequel to Maniac Mansion and better in every way. This game is a real classic.. very funny and the style of the game really rocks! It's designed by the guy behind Psychonauts (Tim Schafer) so check out that game.. very good game that too even though it's not an adventure game :)

Sam'n Max - original box
Really good and extremely funny game. I really loved this game and it was what introduced me to the Sam and Max characters. I had no idea it was based on a comic at the time.
It was a tad on the easy side though.

Full Throttle - original box
Cool game in which you're this kick-ass MC guy named Ben.
I love this game but I think it's a bit too short and I don't really care much for the action sequences. Very cool graphics style and awesome soundtrack :D

Grim Fandango - original box
This is such a classic, I'm sure every adventure gamer has played this game to death. It's brilliant in every way.. 'nuff said.

Simon the Sorceror 1&2 - some kind of compilation DVD case style box -
Haven't played these games yet for some reason, I'll have to do that someday soon.

Simon the Sorceror 3D - budget re-release box -
Haven't played this one either and I'm not sure I will.. I hear it really sucks.

Lure of the Temptress - budget box
The first adventure game by Revolution (at least I think so?).
Pretty good game set in a fantasy world.. to be honest I don't really remember much of it.

Beneath a Steel sky - budget box
Another great adventure game by Revolution.. sci fi setting with a pretty good storyline and tons of athmostphere.

Broken Sword 1-3 (all original boxes except BS 1 which is in a budget box) -
Wonderful series involving an American named George and his French girlfriend Nico. You play as sort of an investigator and the games take up old legends and cool stuff like the Templars and stuff like that. I think the voice acting is pretty bad often though in some of these games, and I still haven't played the third game in the series.

Legend of Kyrandia 1-3 - original boxes
Very cool adventure game series by Westwood. They all have a fantasy setting and really nice and immersive worlds.
I sort of feel that the first game is the most "serious" game in the series.. the second was funnier and the third game went too far in trying to be funny (in my opinion). Still a great series.

Myst 1-5 (Myst 1-3 in the 10th anniversary Myst collection - bix box), Myst 4 collectors edition and Myst 5 European collectors edition
Very good series that has one of the most well-crafted back story and "world" of any series I've ever seen.
The games are really athmospheric and actually do have pretty good stories even though you spend the most of your time solving puzzles alone. They're pretty hard though (except the first game in the series which is a piece of cake to finish).

realMyst - original box - 3 copies
Remake of the first Myst game in full 3D. Very good 3D graphics for when it was released.. very good game.
Has a little bonus age - "Rime" which connects the game better to Riven.

Uru and both expansions (some collection, forgot the name) -
Originally intended for online play but that never worked out for some reason. Haven't really played these games.

Syberia - game of the year edition - original box
Haven't played this game yet and I still need to pick up the sequel.

The Longest Journey - original Norwegian language version on 4 CDs and English 2 CD version - original boxes
Good adventure game set in two worlds - the real world (science) and this fantasy world I have forgotten the name of.. Stark or something.
Made by Norwegian developers (yay! hehe) so that made me extra curious about this game when it was new.

Dreamfall collectors edition - preordered
And I hope I'll get it soon!
Sequel to TLJ in case someone didn't know already hehe.

Three first CSI games - some collection
These games really suck and I would not recommend them to anyone. It was an impulse buy because I needed some new adventure stuff, but it was a BAD purchase! Stay away!
The Telltale version is better at least so if you absolutely need a CSI game, go for that one.

Well, these are the games I remember from the top of my head.. there may very well be some more but I'll add those later in that case :)
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  • Adventure games I own or played

    -Every Lucasarts adventure games from Maniac Mansion to Escape from Monkey Island (I missed Labyrinth)
    -Simon the Sorcerer 1 and 2
    -Broken Sword 1 to 4
    -Kyrandia 3 : Malcolm's revenge
    -Sam and Max Season 1 and Episode 201 (of course !)
    -Runaway 1&2

    And some french adventure games (and good ones)
    -Le Manoir de Mortevielle (Mortville Manor) and the sequel, Maupiti Island (But in fact, I couldn't finish the game without the solutions, too difficult for me)
    -Croisière pour un cadavre (Cruise for a corpse), a very great one by the team whose have done "Flashback" later...

    Edit :
    -Kyrandia 1&2
    -Sam&Max Season 2 - Beyond Time and Space
    -Wallace&Gromit Grand Adventures (all season)
    -Strong Bad Episode 4
    -Jack Keane
  • these are mine

    Ankh 2
    Ankh 3
    Jack Keane
    Sam and Max Season 1
    Sam and Max Hit the road
    Still life
    Day of the Tentacle

    They are not that much but its not my favorite genre ...
  • They're either in my shelf, computer, or in parts unknown...

    SaM Hit the road
    SaM episodics
    MM: Day of the Tentacle
    Most of the Humongous Entertainment games (although i've misplaced them all)
    Escape from Monkey Island
    Dreamfall 2: longest journey
    Some horror games, I guess (Silent hills 1, 3, 4, and origins)
    Games I downloaded from Adventure Game Studio (especially the Chzo Mythos games, those are awesome)
    Every Leisure Suit Larry games, only played 1st, 5th, and 7th.
    Psychonauts (of course)
    Beyond good and evil (Ubisoft rules!)
    Nick Bounty games
    Brain Hotel
    Oddworld games (Oddworld rules!)
    The Neverhood (Doug TenNapel rules!)
    That game based on "from earth to the moon" (forgot the title)
    Peasant's Quest (awesome game, but we didn't get to kill Trogdor:()
    That Rugrats adventure game for the PC (long gone, though)
    still looking for Grim Fandango...
  • I wouldn't consider Psychonauts an Adventure game.

    My games:
    Starship Titanic
    The Neverhood
    Grim Fandango
    The Last Express
    Monkey Island 1-4
    Maniac Mansion 1-2
    Indiana Jones: Last Crusade
    Indiana Jones: Fate of Atlantis
    King's Quest 1-7, will play The Silver Lining
    Quest for Glory 1-5
    Laura Bow 1-2
    Journeyman Project 1-3 (including Pegasus Prime)
    Sam & Max: Hit the Road
    Sam & Max: Season 1-2
    Full Throttle
    Zack & Wiki
  • evilguy12;45060 said:
    Grim Fandango
    Curse of Monkey Island
    Escape from Monkey Island
    Sam and Max Hit the Road
    Sam and Max Season One
    Full Throttle
    Day of the Tentcale

    All PC (or PSP (Sam and Max Hit the Road only)).

    I only have LucasArts and Tell Tale adventure games because they are more like cartoons (but much funnier).

    I know have all the above plus:

    Monkey Island Bounty Pack (Monkey Island 1, 2 and 3, CD versions).
    Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened
    Sherlock Holmes: The Silver Earing
    Space Quest Collection (not a big fan of it sadly. I can't figure out any of the puzzles but the humour is perfect).
    Sam and Max:Season 2
    Zak McKraken and the Alien Mindbenders (3.5 floppy disks KIXX XL re-release big box).
  • I have many of the games listed above but I can't belive that no one listed The Bizzare Adventures of Woodruff and the Shnibble. It was such a good game although it did not sell so well. highly recoment it to all of you and i know a place to get it for free on the web.
  • laffer;4021 said:
    The Black Cauldron - original box
    Adventure game for children based on the Disney cartoon of the same name. Roberta was involved with this (as was Al Lowe, the creator of the Larry games) but it was not included in the Roberta Williams Anthology for legal reasons.
    There is an adventure game for this? I'm a huge Disney fan but I can honestly say that was their worst film. I felt like a small animation company trying to be Disney, rather than Disney doing another one of their classics.

    As for my lists it's small

    Got and Played:
    MI 1, 2, 3 and 4
    Sam & Max: Hit The Road
    Sam and Max: Season 1
    Sam and Max: Season 2 eps 1-2 only so far
    Day of the Tenticle
    Indiana Jones: The Fate Of Atlantas
    Westwoods' 'Hand Of Fate

    Got and yet to play:
    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
    Grim Fandango
    Shadow of the Comet

    I think thats it
  • evilguy12;45060 said:

    I only have LucasArts and Tell Tale adventure games because they are more like cartoons (but much funnier).
    Same for me really!
  • Here is a video showing my Lucasarts adventure games.. recorded on my INCREDIBLY bad webcam on my very, very bad PC.. so it's a low quality video in very low quality.
    Sam and Max (I try the demo's, I've played Ice Station Santa, and S1 E4
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