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Streaming the LucasArts adventure library

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This is going to sound so stupid... Oh, hi there!

Do you have fond memories of your first plays through the old LucasArts adventure games? Do you wish you could relive those experiences? Well, here's your chance! Join me on Livestream as I experience the majority of the old LucasArts library for the first time! Offer me advice to help me advance! Offer me false advice to hinder me! Watch and see if you can pinpoint the exact moment the game breaks my spirit and I resort to a walkthrough! Or just sit back and re-experience the novelty of a first playthrough!

Now, things are a little crazy for me right now, so there's not going to be any sort of schedule for how I do this. I might let you guys know a day ahead, or a few hours ahead, or I might just post in here and tell you guys I'm going to start playing something.

I've already played through the Monkey Island games, Hit the Road, and Grim Fandango, so I'll be running through Maniac Mansion, Zak McKracken, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Loom, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, and The Dig. As a bonus, I might also stream my first ever play of SBCG4AP Episode 5: 8-Bit is Enough. As an extra bonus, I might stream Hit the Road and Grim Fandango anyway, since Hit the Road confused the hell out of me and I haven't played Grim Fandango in a good long while.

I'll be broadcasting on my Livestream channel:

So...anyone interested?

Game List
Maniac Mansion - Completed 3/14/2011
Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders - Completed 3/21/2011
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
The Secret of Monkey Island
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
Day of the Tentacle
Sam & Max Hit the Road
Full Throttle
The Dig
The Curse of Monkey Island
Grim Fandango
Escape from Monkey Island

The Longest Journey
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  • GuruGuru214;470520 said:

    Yeah, I know, I'd never make it in a King's Quest game.
    Don't give up...if I can make through...a Kings Quest game so can you.
  • Davies;470791 said:
    I'm lost. You already had the playthrough?! Gahhhhh! I thought it was 2am tonight. Please let us know when you're doing the next one and I'll be sure to make sure I have the right time and day.
    Sorry. It was Sunday night when I posted about "tomorrow". I'm guessing it was Monday morning for you, hence the confusion.

    Edit: I just realized that Monday is the 28th, so I won't be playing Indy 3 then on account of my mother's birthday. I'll shoot for Friday, otherwise I'll let you guys know.
  • Well, today didn't work out, and pretty much all my time for the next week is going to be dominated by landscaping, so I probably won't be able to get to Indy 3 until next Monday (the 4th) at the earliest. I'll keep you guys posted.
  • Please do man, I'm looking forward to it :)
  • I really would enjoy participating in watching you play the KQ series.
    I know, I keep bringing it up.

    Also, various other non-LEC games, (like Star Trek:A Final Unity.)
  • Maybe after Escape from Monkey Island.

    I'm hoping to play Indy 3 on Monday afternoon (MDT), but I don't know if it'll work out. It sort of depends on the weather, when my dad gets off work, and what ends up happening with landscaping. There's a possibility that I'll start it in the afternoon, take a break, and finish in the late evening. I'll try to let you guys know when I have some idea.
  • Thanks to some bad weather, odds are good that I can play Indy 3 tomorrow (Monday). No guarantees, but I'm looking to do it around 8-9 pm GMT. There's a possibility I can start earlier if my sleep schedule doesn't immediately fall back into place now that I'm not getting woken up early.

    If this does happen, I give fair warning, an afternoon stream is more likely to be frequently interrupted than my normal evening ones, but I imagine that's better than nothing for you guys across the pond. Puzzlebox and Davies, I hope that's early enough that you two can catch at least the start of it. If not, let me know what'll work better and I'll see if I can swing it.
  • That should be fine. Can you tell me what time and day it will be for me in the UK? Sorry but I'm useless with such things and don't want to risk missing another playthrough.

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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    That would be Monday night (i.e. tonight) for us Davies... not sure if Guru means 8-9pm GMT (which would be 9-10pm BST), or just 8-9pm UK time.

    Guru, we're on BST (British summer time, 1 hour ahead of GMT) since we switched to daylight savings. :)
  • Yeah, I meant GMT. I was more going for the "world standard +/- 0" thing than "local time".

    But anyway! It doesn't matter because I'm going to be just arriving at the doctor for my mom's appointment at that time, which I was just now reminded of! If that time works for you guys, I can either try another day this week (likely not tomorrow or Friday, and Wednesday and Thursday depend on the weather) or I can shoot for next Monday. I wish I could do the weekends, but those are sort of the point in the week where most of my time is spoken for.

    Also, I don't think there should be a problem with doing it tonight (tonight for me, I mean), if you guys would prefer I try doing Loom in the afternoon later on and get Indy over with tonight.
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