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Introduce Yourself!

posted by GuruGuru214 on - last edited - Viewed by 107.7K users
Just about every forum I've seen has had an introduction thread, and with the new licenses bringing in so many new faces, I feel ours should be no exception. This thread is for new members to introduce themselves and say hello. If you guys like, it can also be for old members to introduce themselves to the new members.

And yes, I'm aware that we already had this thread two months ago, but after the way that one went, I felt a blank slate was in order.

Well! Guess I'll get the ball rolling!

Greetings! I'm GuruGuru214, though most call me Guru. I've been here for around a year and a half, and at the moment I believe I have the 5th highest post count among active posters (behind Avistew, Rather Dashing, Jake, and Irishmile). This means that I talk a lot but not necessarily that I have a lot to say. :D Needless to say, I could very well be the mod who spends the most time on here.

I also started the longest running thread on the forums back before my modship, which is something that fills me with both pride and shame, depending on what's going on in there at any given time.

I've been a gamer for as long as I can remember and own every Nintendo console there is.


See? I also own the full Telltale library, with the exception of Texas Hold'em. Once a year, you'll find me running the Great Monkey Island Race and the Great Sam & Max Race, a speed run competition through every game in each series and a whole lot of fun. Other times, you might find me on other crazy exploits, like running the entire Kingdom Hearts series in chronological order, or cataloging my game collection and then attempting to beat all the games I never finished.

I like to think I'm easy to get along with, as long as you're a reasonable person. Don't look for trouble and we should get along just fine.

Welcome to Telltale! Enjoy your stay and don't cross me! :D
  • Hey I'm Anasha* and I am obsessed with Dinosaurs and Jurassic Park..... I game a lot but I'm pretty new to TellTale honestly...
  • Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
  • I might as well post something too.

    I'm Martin "Marty" McFly. Naturally, I'd like to be referred to as 'Marty' but with Back to the Future discussions and all that, I'll accept 'Martin', 'McFly' or 'Darth Vader from the Planet Vulcan' to avoid confusion.

    I go online more frequently than I'd like to take credit for and I spend a ridiculous amount of time lurking on boards. I'm sort of like one of those movie characters you see roaming around licensed theme parks. You know, the ones that wear those hot and sweaty costumes so you can relive your fondest childhood memories while they force a smile. Fan service with a smile.

    Don't be intimidated to add me on your friends list since I'll always accept. Whether we stay friends is completely dependent on your future actions.

    If you're looking for someone to message or just someone to generally complain to about the dullness of your life, my inbox is always open. Granted, I won't give overly descriptive responses to your complaints and whining but you can guarantee that I'll be leaning back in my chair with an ice cold Pepsi Free in hand, laughing at the fact that you took time out of your life to message a stranger about your problems.

    I look forward to reading your incredibly entertaining posts.

    Play me off, Huey.
  • Hi everybody! I'm Courtney Jo, "Cojo" for short.

    I'm 28 and I'm tickled pink that Telltale had so much success in bringing back the adventure game. I really like what they did with Sam and Max, Monkey Island, and BTTF. There was a long dry spell without any good adventure games.

    My job is information security (like viruses and network intrusion). It sounds adventurous but really I spend most of my time typing while drinking tea. It's really stressful so in my spare time I play video games or do all kinds of creative things like slam poetry, cooking, writing, improvisational comedy, martial arts, or belly dance.

    I gave up Facebook for Lent so that's probably why I joined this forum, for social interaction.
  • Hi everybody! My nick is uregobland, looking forward to post and read!
  • uregobland;475977 said:
    My nick is uregobland,
  • I'm not really new to the forums, but I now have a 2 at the end of my name because my other account was deleted. Hallelujah.
  • Hey I'm AndrewF....I bet you'll never guess my name, So I shan't to tell you.... :3

    I love Jurassic Park, and once I figured out that TellTale was making the new Jurassic Park game (Even though I never have played a telltale game before) I just HAD to come here, and so for the past few days, and weeks, I've been lingering around, mostly just the jurassic park section .-. I've been on forums since I was 9, and now I'm __ and I'm glad to be here, and hope to actually stay here :3 Well, this is me, kthnxbai :cool: <-- Offically my smile....
  • uregobland;475977 said:
    Hi everybody! My nick is uregobland, looking forward to post and read!
    GuruGuru214;467711 said:

    I've been a gamer for as long as I can remember and own every Nintendo console there is.


    Wheres the color TV game consoles? Thats Nintendo
  • hamza721;479391 said:
    Wheres the color TV game consoles? Thats Nintendo
    I don't count one-game systems. Those things are novelties, the NES is Nintendo's first real console.
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