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Number of playthroughs

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How many times have you played though the monkey island games?

Monkey island special edition-2 never played original
Monkey island 2 Special edition -2 never played original
Curse - 2
Escape -2
Tales - 1 working on second.
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  • I play Tales when I'm really bored, and I have lost track somewhere between 3-9 times... but right now I'm helping the little sis play through it, she is in the middle of Rise of the Pirate God.
  • Oh yeah ... my kids play it alot too... its fun they are pretty good but I give them little hints when they get stuck.
  • Ha ha, same here. At first she insisted it off, that was until later she got stuck on several puzzles and asked for it on (sometimes I would end up pulling a Guybrush and went "Use....") but she got progressively better that now I'm just there for emergency reasons.
  • I have lost count of how many times I've played through the first two games, because they have been on my occasiona replay list since I first played them which was at the time of release. CMI, though, I think I've only finished once or twice, and EMI I'm pretty sure only once. TOMI has one full playthrough as well, as I played through every episode as they were released. After that, I've rarely ventured beyond episode 1 before I get distracted by some other game. I tend to treat replaying games as "inbetween" projects. Either they're something I do out of boredom, or it's to pass time before a new game I'm waiting for is released. But I rarely dediacate my main playing time (which is in the evening) to replaying games.
  • Secret SE: 4 (played it entirely in 'classic mode' once)
    Revenge SE: 6 (one time in 'classic' here, too)
    Curse: 3
    Escape: 1
    Tales: 1

    I haven't tried the original ones, but I did play the SE versions in "classic" mode, so...
  • Secret: Probably 20 (played the remake twice)
    Revenge: Probably 20 (played through easy mode once or twice, rest hard/norml played the remake once so far)
    Curse: Probably a dozen (played easy mode once, bought on day 1)
    Escape: 3 times (bought on day 1)
    Tales: 1 time - probably re-play before season 2.
  • I'm pretty sure I've only played EMI all the way through once (though I've attempted to get through it again and got bored). I've also only played TOMI through once, but not because I disliked it, simply because I have less time to play games than I used to.

    The first three games, I've lost all count. I've played through all three of them many, many times.
  • Armand1880;471120 said:

    Tales: 1 time - probably re-play before season 2.
    going to have one helluva long wait
  • i replay the whole series at least once a year
  • Secret -15/16 playthroughs in classic on my cousins old Amiga, 1 in SE before it vanished off my Mom's ipod touch.
    LeChuck's Revenge - 10/12 times classic, 1 SE before it succumbed to the same problem as Secret. Am starting to suspect my Mom's iPod eats games.
    Curse - 20/30 playthroughs, possibly more
    Escape - about 9 times before the disks stopped working on my Computer.
    Tales - 7 times, in the middle of my 8th playthrough which will probably finish up on my Flight back to Manchester.
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