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Overall Connection between the Episodes in Season 2

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:DHi there!

Have you guys already thought about what might be the overall plot connection between the 5 episodes in Season 2?


I predict that the recurring enemies will be people/obstacles/demons that all always connected to some big corporation, as was seen in the first episode with the Shambling Corporate Presence...

A major hint to me was the the message from my favorite newspaper, "Worse News", where they say that America has been bought by some corporation, HeavyCorp or some such?

So, Sam and Max will have to defeat these evil, faceless corporations (probably from taking over major holidays like Christmas and Easter) and in the end come to the astonishing realization that it is none other than SATAN himself who is behind it all...

For that, of course, they are punished by having to starve on a piece of rock surrounded by lava in Hell itself, only to be rescued at the last moment by Santa's sleigh...
And Satan himself is finally defeated through some totally nonsensically action, like instantanious combustion or whatever...

Just my 2 (Euro-)cents... :D

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  • i think it was macrohard..but i also think that was just a simple joke. or was it?
  • For 10.000 years it has been asleep....(TRAILER)
  • unsilviu;47299 said:
    For 10.000 years it has been asleep....(TRAILER)
    Sam & Max's villian for Season 2 is Rip van Wrinkle?
  • Zeek;47308 said:
    Sam & Max's villian for Season 2 is Rip van Wrinkle?
    Either that, or we were ripping off, err, parodying somebody else with that trailer.
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    My guess is holidays. That's why there's not one in December. They already used christmas. January-new years. Feburary- Valentines March- ... erm...

    Well, it worked there for a little while!
  • My guess is that a dog and a rabbit will use witty banter and unrestrained insanity to defeat a villain.

    Just a guess, but if I'm right, remember who called it. :P
  • I'm guessing that the Macrohard corporation may play a larger role in the future... just because if it was really just a random pop culture reference, and there was nothing more to it, I don't see why they wouldn't just use Microsoft's real name in the joke. Changing it to "Macrohard" only makes the joke less funny, in my opinion, unless they plan to have the corporation appear in later episodes, in which case, of course they couldn't call it Microsoft.

    Then again, the Phoenix Wright games do that all the time, which kind of bothers me... pop culture references don't have the same "zing" when I have to mentally decode the parody names first.
  • How about if MacroHard was just chosen because they really didn't feel like risking getting sued by MicroSoft for some silly reason? I mean, when a guy named Mike Rowe can't make some software, what wouldn't they do when you actually make fun of he who shall not be blamed.

    I suspect the Internet didn't die and is back. The shambling corporate presence seems to have gotten better after all those cute kittens and are ready for more. It even seems to have moved out into reality 1.0 for fresh meat.
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