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Heavy Rain inspired gameplay

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The Game Informer article said that the gameplay in Jurassic Park is going to be inspired by Heavy Rain.
Applying the Jurassic Park license to the storytelling systems Telltale has created in past games makes sense to a degree, but in our conversations with the team they kept coming back to Quantic Dreams’ Heavy Rain. “While our story is more linear than Heavy Rain, actions the player takes are reflected in the way the story is told,” Boyle says. “The choices the players make result in changes to the details of the story. Players will know we are paying attention to the decisions they make.”

Telltale is also heavily inspired by Heavy Rain’s gameplay mechanics. The team is still figuring out how actions are presented to the player, but Boyle says Telltale is approaching the task with “more focus on cinematic presentation of your interactions.” Expect plenty of investigating and looking around in the slower-paced gameplay sections, but when the tension escalates to life and death scrambling, the gameplay shifts from selecting destinations to immediate response.
(If you haven't read the article yet you can find it here.)

I don't own a ps3 so I've never played Heavy Rain but if they had released it on PC or 360 I'd would have picked it up in a heartbeat. (For the record I don't actually own a 360, my friend's brother works for Microsoft and they gave him one when he finished his internship and I just sort of inherited it because I have the nicest TV and game playing area of all my friends.) From what I've seen in the videos is that it looks heavy on the quick time events. Also, I hear that decisions in the game are final, like if a character dies, even a main character, they stay dead.

So what do people think of this change in direction from the more traditional adventure game formula Telltale usually employs? I for one like the idea, partly because I never got to play Heavy Rain and would like to get a taste of what the gameplay was like. I also think it would work better for a franchise like Jurassic Park were the element of danger can't be ignored.
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  • I'm not interested in how easy or hard the QTEs or puzzles are, I never search for a challenge when playing games. I'm only interested in how well the certain feelings the games want to cause are delivered using everything that the medium can offer! Therefore a tense game shouldnt be too easy, but being stuck and kept from progressing is bad too, so dynamic difficulty is a good idea!
  • I just had a look at the giantbomb video and from this one it seemed to be pretty clear what this production will be about and what not. If you think about it, it's almost fascinating how fast TT went from adventure games to Dragon's Lair, obviously without Dragon's Lair's perfect style&look and convincing animations but at least gameplay wise. Anyway i guess if you have some popcorn around, expect nothing beyond a teenager niveau interactive movie and are into sometimes weird animations, then this will be quite enjoyable. I also found it helpful to see what kind of people are behind this production and what they care about and enjoy. This way it's easy to give up on this one as well.
  • I never played Heavy Rain....BUT I did see gameplay. I thought "This could be a movie. It's very intriguing." If JP is anything like that it MUST succeed.
  • I'm interested to see telltale try something different. Nothing against the regular games they does, but they do start to seem formulaic after a while. I hope they pull it off just to show that they are capable of more than most gamers give them credit for.
  • I am only interested in this game because they mentioned Heavy Rain inspired gameplay. I played a lot of Adventure games and was happy that Telltale got the Jurassic Park and Back to the Future licenses, because I consider them as good developers, but wasn't hooked after all.

    It's nice to see them trying something different and refreshing. Heavy Rain was a great experience, even though it has many shortcomings.
  • THIS was the last adventure game with dinosaurs I played (a long time ago).
    Anybody knows that?
    After seeing this, who is annoyed by the TTG approach any longer?
  • tope1983;468892 said:
    THIS was the last adventure game with dinosaurs I played (a long time ago).
    Anybody knows that?
    After seeing this, who is annoyed by the TTG approach any longer?
    I just love the dinosaur,no I'm just kidding I really didn't like them. ESPECIALLY the Gallimimuses.
  • If theirs puzzles it better not be some little of a small 2 in branch in the road. Or a wire touching something and having to run around for 8 miles to get across. The QTE's look fun but as long as every action scene isn't QTE theirs some free play in them ill be filled with joy. What I'm happy for the game is the last 3D JP game I believe was trespasser. So seeing these renewed graphics makes me excited.
  • Lost Cipher;454767 said:
    The Jurassic Park game Telltale is creating looks interesting, but with recent videos released it appears more Heavy Rain and less Jurassic Park. I don't want to be killed by a Velociraptor because I failed to hit A or X fast enough. I want to be killed because I ran out of shotgun ammo...
    Well, go and purchase an FPS. Go to the arcade, and play the ancient Lost World rail shooter. Seriously. How many raptors were bred and put on the island? Exactly. Like seven. It would be TOTALLY out of place to run around the island popping off dinosaurs. The survivors wanted to SURVIVE, and GTFO. Not run and gun.

    Give me story. Give me unseen locales from the movies. I will pay and pre-order this game for my friends and family.. not joking.
  • waroftheworlds01;464078 said:
    because i don't want to rent a movie. I want to play jurassic park!

    First off, we haven't even played the game yet so we can't give an accurate description of if the game is tense and gripping or not. As for the two being completely diffrent. I doubt it. In the end every game is the same. Get from point a to point b with out failing. In the end, its about how well the game makes the journey between a and b.

    You also have to keep in mind that this is an adventure game. And if you look at all the major advernture games there was no direct walking control involved. It was always point where you wanted to go. This game is taking what adventure games have been doing all along but giving it a new look.

    And your wondering what experience you can get from this game that you can't get from pausing and unpausing the jurassic park movie? I can't answer that for you. For me, i want the game for two reason. One: It's a jurassic park game. Two: It's a side story that has never been told before. That's good enough for me.
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