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Do you believe in Aliens?

posted by Lonnie on - last edited - Viewed by 1.6K users
Just finished reading a book called 'The Uninvited'. It's about the Coombs family who experienced alien activity and visitations on their farm in 1977 in Wales, UK.

It was ok. After that I found a link to a BBC series called Britain's Closest Encounters.

also, does anyone remember that budget made movie about aliens visiting these people in America? It was shot in a Blair Witch style with a home video camera. I really want to see it again. Just cant remember what it was called. I remember two guys see some aliens experimenting on cows or something and the aliens look up and shoot one of them with the laser beam then the dudes run off.

I'm interested in the paranormal, but not sure I beleive everything I read and hear about.

how about you?
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  • Sorry Davies, was arguing with a metal head at the time. Each to their own.
  • Vainamoinen;473629 said:
    That's it, exactly. There might well be another species that somehow resembles us out there. But of course, they're only a blip on the radar of time, will exist only for some thousands of years just like we do, and they are so incredibly far away from us that there is no possiblity whatsoever that we might see them one day.

    Unless they develop worm hole technology!
  • Sausy Gibbon;473582 said:
    I can believe there is intelligent life in space but don't believe they have visited Earth as they are millions of lightyears away.
    yep this is how I think too.
  • coolsome;473633 said:
    Unless they develop worm hole technology!
    I would pray not as if their technology is that advanced and their knowledge that great then imagine what they may do with us when they find a bunch of relative primitives on our planet ripe with resources.

    Just look at what the Europeans did when they discovered America and the Native-Indians who resided there. And that was the same species!

    I would imagine that there are countless lifeforms out in the far reaches of space and those that are intelligent are most likely pondering and debating whether they themselves are alone in this universe. It's strange to think of ourselves as the weird alien species but to many other lifeforms that's exactly what we would be.
  • yeah, but as most above, only in the "it's probable but irrelevant" sense.

    What about other weird stuff? Anyone here believe in ghosts or faith healing or bigfoot?
  • doodinthemood;473710 said:

    Mine escaped the giant block of ice I had him in and ran away.
  • In the "of course life exists elsewhere" sense, sure.

    In the Roswell "they've visited us and the lack of media coverage is all a big conspiracy" sense, nah.
    doodinthemood;473710 said:
    Anyone here believe in ghosts or faith healing or bigfoot?
    Nope, nope, and nope.
  • doodinthemood;473710 said:
    What about other weird stuff? Anyone here believe in ghosts or faith healing or bigfoot?
    Any so called evidence for the above has been debunked repeatably by that kooky concept known as science. I understand the human need to believe in such things because having a sense of mystery can provide us with a firm belief that our lives have a great purpose in the grand scheme of things.

    Reading paranormal and conspiracy sites gives me a thrill, a sense of awe and wonderment.

    Reading various scientific studies as to the actual explanations for such theories brings me straight back to reality with a depressing thud.

    However, I would rather be in the know than to be in a continual state of ignorant bliss. Of course I fully understand why those who choose to be in denial do so, it can make life more bearable.
  • I get the impression you're arguing against someone who hasn't posted yet XD
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