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Is it true I need an offline code for each episode for BTTF

posted by dominicgaj on - last edited - Viewed by 746 users
If I had known this I would have asked for them all (in this case both) at once. A tad frustrating, I must say.

I have already e-mailed support with (another) unlock request (for episode 2 this time). I hope things go better this time and I don't have to go through the ringer like last time.

I am also concerned that the automated reply that normally comes back like lightning (it did last time) hasn't come through after 20 minutes. I am now concerned that my e-mail hasn't got through at all.

Since it appears highly possible e-mail support is not working, here is the information for my problem:

My Serial Number = [REDACTED]
My Offline Unlock Request Code = [REDACTED]
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    If you didn't get an e-mail confirmation that your request was received, you might want to try e-mailing [email][/email] again, but you definitely should edit your post and remove the serial number and offline request code.
  • It is not true. What's true is every episode requires online activation for once. To do this, after you install the game, fill in your username and password info in the launcher. During the activation process you need to be logged in. After that, you don't need to hassle with serial codes.

    I also believe there is no way to unlock a BTTF episode by entering a serial code.
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  • dominicgaj;474512 said:
    Unfortunately, it is happening to me. My game computer is not connected to the internet. I got episode 1 going with an offline code. The game is asking for another code to get episode 2 going.

    To the designers - Why not have one code cover all 5 episodes?!?! Logic!?!? I have already paid for the game. All I've done is waste good money to be ignored.

    If this is how Telltale customers are treated I would warn any future potential buyers of TellTale software to give them a wide birth.

    I have sent two support e-mails to the support department and twelve hours later, I have not been allocated an issue number from the so-called auto-reply feature. It is obviously broken. (and no, it is not in any spam folder).

    I have worked in software support for 15 years and the quality of support this company supplies is abysmal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Because of your poor performance in this matter (and my previous issue) I give your company another 6 hours to resolve this issue before I take matters further.
    You don't get a new ticket number when you reply, it's part of the same ticket.

    We answer support emails during US business hours, and we answer them in the order we receive them. Unfortunately we can't answer each email immediately.
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  • dominicgaj;474546 said:
    you have seen fit to "sack" me as a client
    I know I would if I had you as a client.
    dominicgaj;474546 said:
    What a shameful performance by you, Amy and by your company. I expect you will probably delete this entry and delete me as a customer from your forum, so it would appear as I never existed.
    Even if they were in the habit of censoring feedback, why would they do this with you, when clearly they're not the ones being put in a bad light here?

    What's so unreasonable about customer service only responding during US business hours and operating by the first-come, first-served principle?
  • bamse;475085 said:
    What's so unreasonable about customer service only responding during US business hours and operating by the first-come, first-served principle?
    Unfortunately bamse, I reacted out of fear. I don't normally buy games over the internet (overseas) for fear of being taken advantage of and have little redress, compared to the old days of buying games in a shop and being able to go back to the shop if issues occur.

    The first code given to me didn't work. I asked for a replacement, and started to worry when one didn't come. I read some other issues on this forum, became concerned when reading that some issues reported by others seemed to not get replied to in weeks and aired my concerns on the forum.

    A replacement was then promptly sent, which worked.

    When I needed another code (offline code that is) for episode 2, I was surprised and worried (would I have to go through all this again).

    I sent 3 e-mails (one of which was a reply to the previous issue - my fault) and noticed no automatic issue number allocated to this new issue, (unlike what happened last time) and immediately thought, "Not again," I don't want to go through this five times for five episodes.

    The rest can be read in this forum. If I had my time again, I would not have ranted. If the worst case scenario happened and I never received another code and did my money, it's only $25 dollars, anyway.

    Looking back, I deserved to be sacked.

    To Amy, if you end up reading this, I apologise for my rant and all that I said during it. I was the loser as I only got to play one episode of a game that I actually thought was superb. I wish other companies would make games like BTTF (like they used to).

    I have removed my pathetic rant posts, all that is left are quotes that you (and others) have referred to. I guess I'll leave it at that.
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