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BTTF Ep 4: Double Visions Predictions thread (Spoilers Warning!)

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After playing Episode 3,I can clearly say Im very pumped for episode 4...I think Edna will somehow kill someone O.o
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  • Edna is crazy. Just leave it at that.
  • And may I add ONE thing...Jennifer's new look is VERY sexy!
  • I just have to come out and say it....

    but EDNA IS A F***ING PSYCHO!!!!!

    Plus I just love how telltale has no release date on the Ep. 4 preview. Just "Coming Soon"
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    CathalOHara Moderator
    I still don't understand how Marty and Biff ended up in Kid's old speakeasy when they were under the courthouse when going in the bin... One REALLY long slide I gather?
  • I guess everyone predicting that Edna was gonna be a villain was on the money. Not that it was hard to predict.
  • All i can say about Edna is she is a wacky messed up person.
  • She was crazier than even I gave her credit for.

    And Marty's right...he shouldn't be allowed to drive the DeLorean anymore. lol

    Though, he was right, the windows are the dumbest design ever. Sure they look neat, but they suffer in practicality.
  • Edna is crazy psycho, I wonder if George will be involved in the rescue finally stand up and do the right thing as he said.
  • So one question is why is it called double visions? At the start of the season, I assumed it would be another situation wher there'd be 2 of the same character at the same time similar to the 1955 sequence in part II. We know marty goes back to 1931 in the next epsiode, will it be at a time he was already there? It does seem to be further in time as from the preview emmett and edna are at least dating.

    Looks like we'll have to rescue FCB or at least get info on how to build the flux capacitor from him. But the delorean seems damaged beyond repair? Can marty even drive it to get it up to 88 MPH?

    Also episode 5 has the premise of a cinematic chase through hill valley's past, present, and future. I kind of figured this would mean someone gets a time machine and doc and marty need to capture them similar to the ride. Will this be a 1931 character or will it be another case of the main characters succeeding in their plan only to return to the present and find everythings not quite right?
  • Though, he was right, the windows are the dumbest design ever. Sure they look neat, but they suffer in practicality.

    you could say the same thing about th entire delorean. I read it was rated one of the worst cars of all time.
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