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Back to the Future facebook game

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Has anyone else notice that if you view the tutuorial in the back to the future facebook game you can see more concept art!

When it talks about high scores it quickly scrolls by a concept art mugshot for George, Biff, and a character named "Kid Tannen" who is dressed up in a mobster suit.

Could this be a spoiler for the game or an easter egg? Can't wait!

I've got mine pre ordered already!

Me and my wife played through Puzzle Agent in one night and we loved it! :)

- Jay
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  • And once again, I'll reiterate that I'm not. I can't help it if the developers made the game easy.
  • ^
    You are getting a TellTale game free of choice from me if you can proof you got the score without having manipulated the game. Also no exploiting of computer slowdowns.
  • I'd take that bet, but I'm not entirely sure how to prove it to someone as skeptical as you. Best I can think of is to record the gameplay, but I don't know of any screen recorders that don't cause minor graphical lag (although slowdown and lag aren't the same thing. In fact, lag makes the game harder.)

    I'm currently experimenting with HyperCam 2, which is the best program I've found so far, but to date have only achieved a recorded score of 103,898,700. It's just shy of 15 minutes of atom-swapping action, and probably even more boring to watch than it was to play. If I get in a game which nears my high score, it's bound to run about 20 minutes or maybe more, and to post that on YouTube or similar, I'd have to split it into at least two separate videos.

    Oh, and another thing. If you think my score is ridiculous you should see the scores other people on Facebook are claiming to have earned. Makes my high score look tiny by comparison. Difference between you and me is I have no reason to doubt their legitimacy, because the way the game is set up, there's literally no limitation to how high you can score thanks to the never-ending multipliers and continuous time bar refills, as long as you can plan ahead a couple of moves and don't get too fatigued to find matches.
  • Anyone else see similarities?

    Time Machine: Rogue Pilot

    Back to the Future: Blitz Through Time
  • They're just both rip-offs of bejeweled.
  • The game has been loading to a black screen the last couple days. The flux will pop up with "Loading" then black. I have tried numerous browsers and reinstalled flash. Still no change. If I go on another facebook account it loads fine. I have reached level 10 and got all trophies. I don't want to lose that.
  • I love this stupid little game. I know tons of other people have made versions of it, but telltale you guys need to up the awards. Honestly i don't know how the hell I pulled this off, but I am sure if I did someone else has.



    Did this a several weeks apart.
  • I'm not sure if anyone else has experienced this issue before, but I thought I should bring it up in case a bug fix is needed.

    I received a score of 25,969,050 in Heavy Mode (pic attached). However, the game did not conclude correctly by recapping the score, awarding prizes, and updating the scoreboard. Up until this point, I had only broken into the 3,000,000 range.

    The menu button remains functional, and the Hint button moves when clicked, but does nothing. I've tried right-clicking the game area to refresh the flash, but trying to work with the flash menu in this manner results in locking the browser from further manipulation with the mouse (though, minimizing and re-maximizing the browser corrects this).

    Ultimately, I did a Menu>Restart the Game. This did nothing to salvage the score and simply restarted the game.


    (if the picture doesn't show, right-click and copy the URL to open in another window)
  • you broke it!

    I got up to 1 million in regualr mode i thought i was good till i saw this.
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