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Post Here If You Pre-Ordered Jurassic Park and Can't Access Insider Forum

posted by Alan Johnson on - last edited - Viewed by 10.6K users
Hey everyone! As some of you are now seeing, we've opened up the Jurassic Park pre-order Insider Forum. While most, if not all, of you who pre-ordered should now have access, just as a precaution, I'm starting this thread for folks to post and let us know you don't have access. We'll do our best to speedily check your account for the pre-order and grant you access manually, but please understand requests made during the weekend (Pacific Time) likely won't be seen until the next work day.

Thanks so much and enjoy the Insider Forums!
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  • Julian85;472797 said:
    Me also don't have access to the insider JP forum and 24 hours have passed. On the other side I can see the Pirate Private CLub even if I haven't purchased Tomi (shame on me)?
    No, the Private Pirates Club and Freelance Police Dispatch have both been closed for posting and opened for public viewing. Everybody can see them now.

    And in case you're wondering, sorry I can't help. It takes an admin to grant access and I'm just a moderator.
  • Hey guys, could I get access too please? Cheers.
  • I have NO idea how to access the insider forum.. I don't think it's working for me.
  • DustyBoy87;474154 said:
    I have NO idea how to access the insider forum.. I don't think it's working for me.
    If you pre-ordered, just be patient. The staff will get to it as soon as they can. It could take a couple of days, but I assure you, if you did pre-order it, you will gain access
  • just pre-ordered and no forum access yet.
  • Hi, just pre-ordered Jurassic Park and I can't access the insider forums. I also can't access the one for Back to the Future, but I didn't want to bump the three month old thread.
  • Same. I pre-ordered and also no forum access.
  • P re-ordered but don't have access to Jurassic Park pre-ordered forums. :(

  • Julian85, Serec, Theo Edison, DustyBoy87, rhyoden, Skeksis, Bovive, Galleon25: You're all added.
  • i have preordered, please could i be added too, i feel left out :(?

    Kind Regards,
    Nathaniel Blackburn
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