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How do I get the Collector's DVD??

posted by sertile on - last edited - Viewed by 312 users
I know there's already a stickied thread about the DVD, but it doesn't answer my question: I've already purchased all 5 episodes, and when I go to the ToMI page it has the message, "Already own a Tales of Monkey Island Game? Log in here to see our disc deal for you!"

Problem is, there's no link... I have no idea where it expects me to "log in." I'm already logged into the site, and adding the DVD to my cart doesn't seem to apply any sort of discount. I never had any problems getting my Sam & Max DVD's - help please?
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    You should be able to get it from this page for the standard edition or this page for the deluxe edition.
    However, the store might try to charge you more than you're supposed to pay (shipping only for the standard edition, shipping plus $15 - if I remember correctly - for the deluxe edition).
    For example, at this time, the price I get for the standard edition (when logged in) is $99.99 and I can't even add it to the shopping cart.
    So, your best (and probably only) option is to e-mail customer service at [email][/email] and include the number of the order through which you bought the digital version.
    They will take care of you.
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