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Sam And Max S2E1 Activated.....I think.... but no Launch Game button

posted by Tehpogo on - last edited - Viewed by 368 users
I've bought and installed the game, and activated it via Serial Number, but I'm not getting any Launch Game button on the screen. I either get this...
Or this...
If it helps in any way, I'm running on Windows XP Service Pack 2 with Internet Explorer 6

EDIT: Oooooookayyyy. It launches when I click the gap where "LAUNCH GAME" should be anyway, but the broken looking window still makes me kinda nervous.
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  • It looks like it's not drawing any PNGs.
  • I have the same on my other PC (desktop).

    It was working fine for me, however my slowly breaking computer has just started doing this. I have yet to try the updated launcher but I'm about to go upstairs to try now to see if it works.

    Otherwise, I'll see what I changed to cause it, to see if it can help. Honestly though, other than Windows Installer service disappearing, I can't think of anything that has changed.

    Edit: Updated launcher has no difference.
  • May I suggest updating to IE7? It fully supports PNGs, which tabacco said seem to be the probelem.

    Hooray! 1,000 posts.
  • I have IE7 installed. Unless I accidentally uninstalled it...

    Yup, Installed. However it isn't showing PNGs. In fact, it isn't showing any images. Neither is explorer.

    I'll just in-place install XP, because my whole systems mucked up.
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