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BTTF eps 2 & 3 not available for download on Games page

posted by DAStepps on - last edited - Viewed by 1.8K users
I bought the season of Back to the Future, but I have no way to download it. I go to my games and I see the first episode for download (I downloaded it earlier today), but I can't access a download for the other episodes. So, help! Help me! Thanks ahead of time!
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  • Same issue here.

    [email][/email] and wait for them to get around to giving you what you paid for.
  • Very frustrated!
  • yep, I'm frustrated as well.
  • Ok so either cause it's late or something but after I was done with the first episode which I got for free ... I bought the whole 5 episode package and now I wanna continue, I have absolutely no clue where to actually download or activate or what the 2nd episode... do I need to way for my order to go tru or something?? Or am I missing something obvious here??

  • Did you buy it here at telltale for PC/Mac? Then just click on the your games button on top of the page. It is the second button from the right.
    There you can see what you have bought and download it for PC and Mac. You can also choose the language before downloading.
    Just install the downloaded file and have fun :-)
  • I think there is a problem cause all I see is episode one! I took a screenshot but I need a url... anyway yeah I have the invoice saying I bought the full package but I lack the 2nd and 3rd episode download ...
  • Sometimes it takes a while or a restart of the browser to see the downloads, if nothing helps write to the support team they can fix it, they can clearly see it when you bought the game and can make the downloads available from their side.
  • Yeah one time none of mine showed up and they just had to adjust something on their end.
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Hi Avikus, I'm moving this to the Shopping/Activation Support board so that the Telltale people will see it. They might need to add the game manually for you.
  • I also purchased the entire season of BTTF, the rest of the currently available episodes aren't showing up in my download list either, save for the first ep, which is currently free.
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