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If you had the Jurassic Park license...

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and a team of 50 or more skilled and experienced developers what kind of Jurassic Park game would you program?

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  • i would make an action/adventure open world game with a mix of survival horror where you could explore the 2 islands,drive vehicles ,take the tour etc,but have very few shooting in for the story a combination between the movies and the novels would be nice.
  • Did you draw that Picture??
  • My dream JP game would be a 3D virtual reality version of the Arcade shooters but alternately,

    I've always wanted a game that focused more on the digging, hatchery, & breeding, something were you could play as Grant, Doctor Wu, and Kathy [she from the book not the movie]. Like I always thought it would be cool to dig up the bones like interactively and touch the dinos and watch them hatch and physically release them into the wild and treat them. And then to end it when the park went haywire I want the challenge of surviving with NO WEAPONS that would be the type of game I'd make :]

    Dino shooters and Park Builders are fun and all, but I'd prefer something free range with out the hastle of dealing with customers and stores like in JPOG and unique from the typical Dino Shooter. But a challenge ultimately >:] I guess the system I'm thinking sounds kind of puzzle based mixed with simulation? I can't think of something to compare it too
  • I'd probably do "Jurassic Planet": the genie is out-of-the-bottle, and you work as an Investigator for a department at the UN - PAGA, (Protection-Against-Genetically-Engineered Aberrations) - and go around the world on a global adventure, dealing with various genetics companies who are engaged in the "Amber Wars" and breeding all sorts of prehistoric animals for their own purposes...

    Good God, that sentence was an aberration...Too many ellipses...:p
  • Dating sim. I'm going for the Nedry market.

    "She seems like she's a clever girl!"
  • I would probably have a go at remaking SEGA'S Lost World Jurassic Park arcade game (on rails shooter a la House Of The Dead, but include extra chapters that go through the first film as well as the second. Either that, or a 3D action platformer in which you get to play as the dinosaurs themselves as they drive the humans off their island. I could see it being similar to the LWJP game that was released on the Playstation, except you would have the option to roar out in the middle of a fight to call other dinos in for help if you needed to.
  • A game where you could walk around.
  • ATMachine;477423 said:
    A game where you could walk around.

    ^ Don't knock it before you try it, broseph.
  • DustyBoy87;477797 said:
    ^ Don't knock it before you try it, broseph.
    I agree
    rixcm;477137 said:
    Oh hell yes.
    Yes, i love people that agree! :D

    Those are the only two words that I have to say in this thread tho: Trespasser 2
  • ATMachine;477423 said:
    A game where you could walk around.
    Here here :]
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