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The Legendary General Art Thread

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Well, we've got a Sam & Max Fanart Thread, a Monkey Island Fanart Thread, so why not a thread for art in general? We've obviously got a lot of talented artists on the Telltale forum, and it would be a shame to just restrict them to showing us just their Sam & Max and Monkey Island art. So if you've got any awesome art that you're proud of and want to share with us, post it here! It doesn't have to be an art piece of games, it could be movie art, art inspired by books, inspired by songs, art of bands or musicians, or something completely random; it can be of anything - as it is a place for art in general. So yeah, share, show us what you've got!
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  • Yeah, you're right doods. I'm used to behave egoistically on things I'm not good at and don't give enough importance to the things I'm actually working on.

    Thanks for the great compliment. I'm more than honored even to know my work is considered professional work. Much appreciated, lead a wonderful life yourself too.
  • Lots of people struggle with ego, especially artists. I think it's ok to have a ego about your work, just try to be honest without getting a God complex :D
  • I made this one for a thread over at the Sierra Help Pages. I think it's my finest work.

  • Here's a 3D voxel Graham I made on Q-Block a while back.

    And here are some of my crappy pixel-art doodlings:

    (I don't know why I think it's funny to draw morbidly obese pictures of Graham, but I do.)

    And here's a sexy VGA-style lady Graham:
  • Here's some stuff I Photoshopped - well, Gimped, actually - for my King's Quest fangame.


    The box art is actually a painting by Vincent Laurentsz van der Vinne I. You can see the original here. The style of the packaging is obviously a reference to how early King's Quests were marketed. Here's an example. This is by no means a coincidence - Fool for a Day is a direct sequel to King's Quest I and will be structured similarly as far as gameplay goes (exploration over story).


    Not much to see here, although I take some pride in the fact that I was able to recreate the logo as it appears in the title screens for V and VI without copying and pasting ;) The background is actually the Cliffs of Logic from VI.


    The ground here is actually... The sea from King's Quest V, but recolored ;) Trees come from Conquests of Longbow and the mushrooms are Quest for Glory inventory items.

    Graham sprite is from KQI SCI, recolored for VGA quality and given a lot of other tweaks.


    The ladder is taken from the thieves guild in Quest for Glory. The money bags are inventory items, also from Quest for Glory. Chest comes from Conquests of Longbow.

    Right now, that's how I intend to roll - I want this to be a one man project, not to prove something to others, but to myself. Once the first version is done however, I may actually look for graphic artists and musicians to help me turn the game into something really special and fully original, at least as far as audiovisual assets go.

    And, if you're interested, here's some info about the story:

    images the new king of Daventry, young cavalier Graham learns the hard way that with the limitless love of his people comes also the endless hate of his enemies. Tricked by a magically inclined court jester, he finds himself crownless and exiled to a faraway land. Join Graham on his enchanted quest and prove your royal courage once more in this new animated adventure inspired by the Roberta Williams classics!

    image Explore the magical land of Bomen!

    image Discover the treasure of Iron John!

    image See a princess about a pea!

    image Learn the secret of the white raven!

    image And much, much more!
  • Radogol;478129 said:
    Here's some stuff I Photoshopped - well, Gimped, actually - for my King's Quest fangame.
    Nice! Have you made any other fangames? Are you using AGS?
  • thom-22;478350 said:
    Nice! Have you made any other fangames?
    Thanks! Fangames - no, games - yes.
    thom-22;478350 said:
    Are you using AGS?
  • Aw hell, here's something just to spice things up in here:

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