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The Discworld series

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We had a topic for Terry's the watch, so I figured it would be best if there was a topic regarding on his well known series Discworld. How many of you have read the books or played any of the games? I do know that there were only three of them. I only played half of Discworld 1(stopped it seeing that Scummvm crashed whenever I tired to load it) and I'm currently going through the second game.

I just finished reading Mort and got a huge kick out of it. So are there any Discworld fans on here?
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  • Funnily enough the only book I've read of the series is Mort. I quite enjoyed it but every time I think about trying to take the series on I get scared off my just how many books their are :(

    When I get into a series I like to read them all and right now I just don't have time to get through Discworld. I did enjoy the game, don't know which one I played though. I didn't realise there were three :o
  • The 3rd game is called Discworld Noir. It isn't based off of anything from the stories, just an original screenplay for the game. Aren't the Discworld rights somewhat in limbo seeing that there aren't any other Discworld games?
  • I've played all three games - I think I probably like the 2nd one best, gotta love those cartoony graphics! :D I've read a few books; The Colour of Magic, The Light Fantastic, Mort, Reaper Man, Unseen Academicals, Moving Pictures, maybe a couple more but I can't remember which ones. Normally I go for ones with characters I know i.e. Rincewind or Death but Unseen Academicals is actually my favourite one :)
  • The onyl one I haven't finished is the first one. And isn't there a text parser one or did I imagine that?

    Anyway, for all their flaws I love them very much
  • I love the games, and have read quite a few of the books, though I mostly stick to the Rincewind stories as he is my favorite character.
  • Got all the books, all the mappes, all the games, even the text adventure. Gotta love good ol' Terry :)

    My favourite is Interesting Times, although any Watch or Witches book would do in a pinch
  • Only read 7 novels but not played any of the games. is Discworld Noir bad? I heard it was due to how the game looked.
  • Darkblader;478558 said:
    Only read 7 novels but not played any of the games. is Discworld Noir bad? I heard it was due to how the game looked.
    The graphics weren't great and it's a bit glitchy, but it's well worth it for the humour - try looking at youtube videos to get an idea of what it looks like, but keep in mind it's an old game (although not pixel-old) :)
  • I own all three games...

    Discworld - I had the PSOne version originally and got to around the 1/3rd mark only to discover that my second hand disc had a nasty scratch on it, causing me to be forced to give up. Years later I got the PC version through dubious methods (can you blame me after wasting my money on a legit copy) but I've yet to play it.

    I'm probably going to plunge in sometime this year via ScummVM. Anyway, from what I played I thought it was good fun but I'll reserve judgment until I've payed the whole game.

    Discworld 2 - I found a copy at the charity shop I was working in at the time (CD case with no box or manual) so I snapped it up before any customers could get their hands on it (which is one of the fringe benefits of working in a charity shop). I played through the whole thing without the use of a walkthrough and whilst I found the graphics to be beautiful, the story and characters to be charming; the puzzles were completely infuriating.

    Seriously, play this game for the first time, without a FAQ guide like I did and you're liable to go insane. Having said that the feeling of accomplishment when you do solve a puzzle after hours or days of trying is immense (or at least until you realise that you've just spent hours or days wasting your life).

    Discworld Noir - Again, this turned up in a donation to the charity shop. I've never got it to work under Vista and according to the Internet; I'm not alone. I can only imagine that that was the reason it was donated in the first place. Still, I'll hang on to it in the hope that a fan might release a patch.

    So in summary that's my experience with the Discworld videogames; 50% frustrating gameplay and 50% technical headaches. Pretty good, I'd recommend them!
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