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Best April Fool's prank you ever pulled

posted by GuruGuru214 on - last edited - Viewed by 1.5K users
I know, an April Fool's thread that isn't a prank. The mind boggles.

Anyway, we're a pretty ridiculous bunch on here, so I wonder, what's the best April Fool's joke you ever pulled on someone?

Mine was in my freshman year of high school. My friends and I had been saving the food coloring packets from the Lunchables promotion at the time. They were colored powders that would change to another color when wet. Mostly, we had the orange packets that turned the pizza sauce green. So when my lit teacher stepped out of the room, I went up to his desk and put one of the packets into his coffee. He didn't notice for quite a while, though he did make a comment that it tasted like all the sugar settled to the bottom. When he eventually did notice that his coffee was green, he freaked out and got rid of it. Needless to say, he wasn't very energetic that day.
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  • GuruGuru214;477544 said:
    I gave everyone with a Blinky avatar a bunny avatar, and I gave Secret Fawful one of Comrade Pants's old avatars. I'm pretty happy with that one.
    And a damn funny one it was, too.

    In addition, now that you have posted in this thread, we know who to...ah...thank.
  • Gman5852;477545 said:
    Did you really revive this thread for that?
    No, I revived this thread because it seemed like a good idea to bring it back this year. That just happened to be a preferable option to "BUMP".
  • unfortunately it's the only one I've pulled but
    Remolay said:
    Oh hey the threads back, I should check out what...

    [QUOTE=Icedhope;477295]So April fools hunh?image

    Which, of course, led not to Darth Vader going "NOOOOOOOOOOO!", but Rebecca Black, and it actually worked.
  • Giant Tope;280673 said:
    I'm too lame to have ever pulled an april fools joke.
    Same is relevant today.
  • I'll admit it now, since Iced didn't: he temporarily closed the Whatever's on Your Mind thread. Hilarity ensued. So I closed all the subsequent threads at humorous moments (a mod made this one, there's no way it will close) as well as stickying the General Art thread as the Disturbing Art thread.

    But Jake's prank still pwns.

    My brother did pull a pretty fantastic one about five years ago about him being expelled from college, with a letter from the dean and everything. It scared my mom only for a few minutes because she expects that kind of stuff from him.
  • I convinced my best-work-friend that I was leaving my job to just go play XBox all day, so much so that she was threatening to call my mom (I was 27 at the time) and have her yell at me for it.
  • The best one I played was on my old roommate, all the furniture in the apartment was mine including his bedroom stuff. When he went to school a friend and I moved all of his furniture bed, nightstand, drawers even his mirror into my room and I left a note saying I had an offer I couldn't refuse on his bedroom set so I sold it.

    I let him freak out for a while before I let him in on the prank.
  • I closed the whatever was on your mind thread, and kept locking new ones when they would appear...kind of lame and a little abusive of power but..everyone was a good sport about it, heh.
  • Icedhope;478572 said:
    I closed the whatever was on your mind thread, and kept locking new ones when they would appear...kind of lame and a little abusive of power but..everyone was a good sport about it, heh.
    But you did it while I wasn't here, so your ass is toast.
  • The Evil List of Pranks I've Pulled

    1-Taped a balloon to someone's tire so they think thought had a blowout when they left

    2-Giving a lightweight non-alcoholic beer, but with the labels replaced and watched them get fake drunk (you wouldn't believe how well this worked)

    3-Used a dry-erase maker and drew hairline cracks on my buddies tv

    4-I'm actually kind of proud of this one. Rigged up a fake Nintendo with the guts of a plug and play pacman game and replaced my friends Nintendo with it. The look on his face when he popped in Mario Bros and Pacman came on the screen.

    5-made a dvd with a loop of the infamous 360 firmware death screen and left it in a few systems (after setting them to autoplay)

    6-An easy one for school, jammed chalk into the eraser so it writes on the board instead

    7-Hack into my school network a had it where the shortcut for Oregon Trail brought up Wolfenstein 3D instead, on every computer in the school

    8-flipped the speakers on a friends headphones inside out

    9-set up a speaker in my window that I would use to play tire screeches when someone crossed the street without looking

    10-hung a Halloween mask on a headboard so it would freak out my friend when they woke up

    Whats bad is I could continue, but I fear you all may know too much already :)
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