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Question for Monkey Island veterans

posted by jgbrunn on - last edited - Viewed by 807 users
I have only played Secret of MI and Le Chucks revenge, should I try to play the other 2 before playing Tales? I know it isn't a requirement, i'm just wondering for those of you that had if you feel you got more out of it than you would of if you had skipped.
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  • Hi jgbrunn! Welcome to the forums!

    Personal opinion: Yes, I warmly recommend playing them in order. That way, you will understand the story better. Besides, Curse of Monkey Island is absolutely superb from an artistic and musical point of view. And the story is awesome. And the voice work. And the...well, just play it :)

    And for all the tiny cool references, it's totally worth it to play MI3 and MI4. :D
    If you don't have the patience for it, at least watch some "Let's Play" on youtube.
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    I'd definitely recommend playing at least Curse of Monkey Island (#3 in the series) before Tales. Partly because it's a much-beloved game among Monkey Island fans, but more because there's a character in Curse who returns in Tales. At that point it's really nice to have that backstory from the earlier game.
  • Thanks for the advice. I will try to ebay #3 and 4 then if not I will try to find a youtube video like you recommended.
  • You won't need to play EMI really but id recoment it the games very funny. CMI is important because they are lots of throw backs in the game to CMI and important plot points relating to it.
  • I would say you don't need to play either, really, Tales is self-contained enough. It has a few back references to Curse so you may want to play that first to get a couple of little jokes here and there, but Escape is almost completely ignored in Tales, and it's the worst game in the series, so I wouldn't bother with that one.
  • I would recommend playing them in order, with its ups and lows.
  • theres a scene in the trial and execution of Guybrush Threepwood where Elaine talks about all the things that Guybrush did in the previous games that you wouldn't understand unless you played all the previous games.
  • I recommend it also that you play 3 and 4. TMI has a ton of throwbacks to the past four games so playing will help catch some of the inside jokes it has. Plus it's MI, that should be enough of a reason to get the entire series. :D
  • I would play them in order, but I don't think there's anything wrong with playing them in whatever order you like, if you feel like you can't wait. Monkey Island is a series of games you'll play again and again if you get as involved as many of us are, so you'll always have the chance to play them in order eventually.

    Of course, if you're planning on playin through once and then forget about them, just to scratch them off your list of games you need to have played before you die, then I suggest playing them in order. But Monkey Island is a series you'll want to return to, so I don't think that willl be an issue.
  • I recommend Curse, it's quite fun. Never managed to get very far in Escape, because the controls were so awkward (same applies to Grim Fandango). I've heard they're good, but because it was so hard just to move around and talk to the other characters, I never made much progress.
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