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Unused Material from the original King's Quests (and other Sierra games)!

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Hello all,

I plugged this site in another subforum, but with the recent announcement from Telltale that resulted in the addition of this nice new subforum, I figured that I'd advertise it again here.

Occasionally, I like to poke into the resource files of old adventure games to see if I can uncover anything interesting. Sometimes I find sprites, backgrounds and dialogue that never appear in the final product (sort of like deleted scenes on a DVD). I found so many interesting items in the files of Sierra On-Line's games that I decided to put together a small site to showcase them. Here's a trio of teaser backgrounds I found in King's Quest V, VI and VII:

Wow, the quality of King's Quest V's backgrounds sure improved a lot since this scene was made.

I don't remember this part of the Realm of the Dead...

...And I don't remember this part of Vulcanix either!

Here's a link to the page covering King's Quest V and VI[/URL] (along with several other Sierra games), and here are the first and second of King's Quest VII. I also have a page for "Inside the Chest" and "Behind the Developers' Shield", two programs that came with the first and second KQ Collections (but not the 2006 collections -- Thanks, Vivendi Universal). There's a lot of behind-the-scenes art shown in those programs, but there's even more of it hidden in the resource files. And it doesn't really need to be said at this point, but SPOILER ALERT!!! (And enjoy!)

(By the way, this whole site originally started out as a couple of pages full of stuff I'd found just in the resource files of King's Quest VII -- that game is bursting at the seams with unused material...including this. I don't know what the heck the story behind this picture is -- it looks like it's straight out of Space Quest 6!)
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