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  • Guess Telltale's silence is a good sign. If it was just a random outtake or a something like that, they would not hesitate to tell us.
  • I think it's more of a developer's Easter Egg, seeing as Murder at the Inventory was already discussed since a few months ago.
  • In other news the video has exceded 5,000 views.
    I should look at hidden game files more often.
  • It would be cool to have it be similar to Clue in that the killer, weapon, and motive (since, as far as we know, The Inventory has only a few rooms) change with each play through. Also, allow the player to choose a partner character to banter with and bounce ideas off of. As well as if the player accidentally chooses the murderer as their partner, give them the choice of helping them frame someone else or turning in their friend.
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    if only we could make it
  • I have always hoped for a sequel. Murder at the Inventory would be great.

    My suspicion's were piqued from the forums.
    "Pokernight at the Inventory" is a sub-area of "At the Inventory"
  • I don't know if they really plan on making a full game out of their PAX game, but it seemed to me that Telltale alluded to making The Inventory a reoccurring setting for various game types.
  • Like Puzzle Agent, this was not intended to be a full series straight away, rather see how it sells first before going back to the licence holders. Either they decided there's not enough interest or it might be mentioned once Puzzle Agent 2 is out of the way (or alternatively, BttF, although I have a feeling KQ or Fables will fill that slot). Or c) none of the above - they can't ascertain how much interest there is for sequels because of the amount of people that bought it to get their hands on exclusive items in TF2.
  • I'd much rather see "Zombie Apocalypse at the Inventory", a map for Left 4 Dead 2 with the Inventory gang.
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