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sam and max surfin the highway.

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What is this? is it just a colleciont of sam and max comics in a book and whens it due out?
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  • Yit;47913 said:
    Paperbacks are cheap. I would totally buy a hardcover.
    Really, if there will be hardcover I'll just skip the crap paperback.
  • it's not crap, it just isn't as hard..
  • wisp;47915 said:
    it's not crap, it just isn't as hard..
    We're talkin' comparitively, here, little buddy.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    A lot of work is going into the paperback cover. The cover has fold-out flaps and embossed and spot-glossed elements on it. It's a classy affair.
  • Am I the only person who prefers paperbacks?
    Well, admittedly, only because they're cheaper and easier to carry around, but still.
  • I prefer paperbacks too. For a start, hardbacks tend to come in that protective cover which I always take off because it annoys me when I'm reading the book (and then the cover gets ripped or I forget to put it back on, defeating the whole point of it)
    And yeah, paperback's cheaper which is always a real plus.
  • who cares if it's paperback or hardcover, as long as the content is the same...
  • Filthy Assistant;47918 said:
    We're talkin' comparitively, here, little buddy.
    ...but you should not judge a book by it's cover.:D
  • I prefer both... Paperbacks are awesome to actually read and seem more movable if you dont want to ruin things, like I do. While I fear opening my #15 ori hardcover signed and arted by purcell.. I fear even opening it to scan or take a pic!
    Anyway both paper and hard are great.. youll be seeing both on my late xmas list.. or maybe valentines list... lol
    I was a little wierded out by the effigy mound though... most of the stuff in there I KNOW is in color .. as I know telltale knows personally. Some of purcells E cards are in there and are in black in white vs color. Hope the new material in this book isnt as such, but I dont mind black and white, as long as that was its original format.. effigy looks like a copy machine hit it :P

    Long story short.. I have a feeling art was left uncolored or ommitted for later books such as this. Purcell still has yet to mess with his site and said he would possibly do ANOTHER book having nothing to do with sam n max! soo im hoping all the left out art goes there!

    Im buying everything when it comes in stock!

    BTW do you allow for in house pickup ! JK... (i live up the mountain a lil).. yes I know you dont store the items at telltale :P
  • I'd really want a version of surfin for the highway which i've been very careful with for 12 years..isnt quite in mint condition..I'd feel safer knowing the pages are protected by a hardcover
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