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What do you look like? (Post a Pic!)

posted by Ashton on - last edited - Viewed by 45.9K users
I was just posting to one of these on another forum and decided to post on here too when I was stunned to find there is not a thread on here for it! (and I searched! I searched through of 17 pages of results!)

So, very simple 1-5 pics of yourself per post, no double-posting pics (though if you want to post more you can at a later point. Please no photoshopping (except red-eye removal or brightness/contrast)

I'll go first


click for full-size view!

Ok, who's th next victem? I mean volunteer! ;)
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  • Avistew;480841 said:
    To my knowledge she hasn't been axe-murdered, no. Just been really busy with life stuff.
    Oh good. Guru was making it sound like she was missing, presumed dead, or something.
  • Well, to be fair, she did up and vanish without a word to even the other moderators. And there's a thread for the mods to give a heads up when they're going to be away.
  • From your average forumite's point of view, she did vanish suddenly. I just happened to exchange a few PMs and emails with her past the point when she stopped posting, and although I don't know details (and it probably wouldn't be my place to post them if I did), it seems that she just had stuff happening in Real Life(TM).
    I would assume that she didn't warn that she was going to be away because she didn't know she was going to, then she thought she'd be back soon, then it became kind of moot since it had been months.
  • Yeah, that's pretty much what the rest of us figured, and it's totally understandable. about those pictures, huh? I'd post something if I had anything to post.
  • Comrade Pants;480586 said:
    Photo realistic Popeye?
    Urrrgghh, don't remind me! I was due to play Popeye in the live action movie until that no-talent, over-blown, walking, talking gherkin faced clown named Robin Williams stole the role away from me.

    Now I just spend my final days on this Earth guzzling large quantities of spinach, knocked back by quaffing copious amounts of cheap cider.

    [CENTER]Be warned children. A reckless abuse of extra strength spinach will only lead you down a dark path[/CENTER]
  • Avistew;480722 said:
    And it's hard to believe Joop had never seen a pic of puzzlebox! She's like the forum's official pretty girl and stuff.
    Hmmm... All these years without realising she was real hot...
    I don't think I'll be able to talk to her normally anymore though.
  • Joop;480942 said:
    Hmmm... All these years without realising she was real hot...
    I don't think I'll be able to talk to her normally anymore though.
  • Davies;480948 said:
    Exactly that... And blushing.
  • Joop;480950 said:
    Exactly that... And blushing.
    ...and puking?
  • It's like Trey and Matt were making fun of me meeting Puzzlebox for the first time. :p
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