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Sierra Online video catalogue

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I'm sure many of you have seen this already, but I'll post about it anyway for the ones who might not have seen it... it's too cheesy to miss! :eek:

Watched all of these years and years ago but had forgotten all about them... was reminded of them today when looking at random Sierra related videos on Youtube.

Basically, they're videos Sierra sent out containing ads for their various games... but the interesting (and horribly cheesy) thing is they include many small real full motion video clips, clips with real 'actors' and all, based on scenes from the various games shown.

There are clips like that of games such as Kings Quest 4, Police Quest 2, and more.

Sierra On-Line 1988 Video Catalog - part 1/2
Sierra On-Line 1988 Video Catalog - part 2/2
Sierra On-Line 1989 -1990 Video Catalog Part 1 of 2
Sierra On-Line 1989 -1990 Video Catalog Part 2 of 2

No idea if there are more, but if you find any, please post links :)
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  • Those bastards didn't even do one bit of promotion at all for Leisure Suit Larry 4! What the hell is Sierra hiding!? Oh wait..
  • Actually I just noticed another place where Leisure Suit Larry 4 was mentioned... tested out Leisure Suit Larry 5 with my MT-32 here a little while ago and upon quitting the game, the message "Where's Larry 4" is displayed in the MT-32 display panel :eek::p
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