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My Respect Goes Out To Telltale

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Hey Everyone,

You may have seen me on the forums before, or even spoken to me but my name is Nathaniel Blackburn. Im 19 years old and im a indepedant software developer for my own little company called Shadowscape Studios. I am seriously impressed with telltale for the products and incredible service you offer to your customers and im so proud to have found you, and am doing everything i can to be able to give something back other than my own money in order to help your company flurish as all i ever have wanted to do in life is to help others.

Following a email send to telltale games regarding this, i have decided to make this public so that people can let me know what they think of the idea, make comments good or bad, and suggest features and anything else they like and if i get a reply to my emails and the go ahead to develop this software. I will promise to put my absolute heart and soul into making it worth while for you guys and will work to the best of my ability to develop this software to match the high standards of Telltale Games...
I have an idea that i hope might cause some interest, my idea is a download manager for all your products. This will allow people can download single games, or full seasons in one go, manage there installed games and also install the games that have been downloaded from the manager.

The way i have planned to set out the download manager would be in categorys, each game would have a unique category which then would be split into episodes where you can then learn about the episodes, and i could also embed features such as viewing screenshots and videos from the application and generally learning about the game before or even whilst it downloads.

I dont want anything in return for this proposal and can also fully brand the download manager to match your company's look and color scheme. I have also included a link to your website from Shadowscape Studios in a additional attempt to help convert my customers into yours and have been helping to answer questions on the forums.

I hope that this idea would be of your interest and you may even consider wanting to use it and i will look forward to hearing from you in the future and always will offer my full support as a friend and fellow developer. Also i would like to wish you all the best for your companys future. If there is anything i can do to help, please do not hesitate to contact me and i will do everything i can to assist you as it would be absolute honor to work alongside you.

Best Wishes,
Nathaniel Blackburn
Shadowscape Studios
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  • Erm... Steam?
  • Yeah, it sounds like you just want to develop a special Telltale only version of Steam. Between the website and Steam, I don't exactly see a heckuva lot of need.
  • Thanks for you input guys,

    i do understand your point and just thought it would be worth a try and also be good idea and a opportunity to provide my support to telltale games in another means other than my money. Now i think about it i guess its not really needed at all, but alas. This years prooving to be really tough for me, i approached carte blanche greetings with a idea everyone loved which was turned down and they lost half there fan base because of its rejection. Several months after i stopped by pastebin and made a offer and it turns out someone else was doing the same thing behind my back even though i had a deal with the developer which was also approved as the official application. So i discontinued it due to the backstabbing and other unplesent things that followed.

    Once i discontinued the project i soon started receiving hate mail from the pastebin developer and also threats etc. However i am welcome to ideas you may have so if there is anything you would like to see in order to help telltale or anything else, please let me know and if your ideas work, i will do my best for you to make them come to life. Once again thanks for your time and back to the old drawing board for me.

    Here is a screenshot of the early stages of the software i was developing for Carte Blanche before its rejection...


    it was called Blueniverse, a software to manage your blue nose friends, post comments and suggestions for new friends and much more...RIP

    Nathaniel Blackburn
    Shadowscape Studios
  • very much so, im a software developer and im very passionate about my work but also have a strange sense of humor which sometimes takes over.
  • Okay, one thing. If you're really serious about getting into the software business, you might want to change your logo... that's clearly Batman's symbol from the Christopher Nolan films. It would be pretty dumb to get off the ground and get paid for something just to end up getting a cease and desist letter, or worse yet sued, by DC Comics.
  • How does someone spell "Blueniverse" by the way? Blue-nee-verse? Blll-you-n'verse?
  • I like the art style. Very peaceful :)
  • thanks guys, thats actually cheered me up quite alot, i normally never get plesent comments about my work, thanks and i guess its pronouced Blue-nee-verse, what am i saying i came up with the name, haha. If you guys would like a preview of what it would of been like let me know and ill upload it once i find where its gone :)
    Sadly the project was discontinued as Carte Blanche Greetings wouldnt let me continue development despite all the blue nose friends fans loving the idea and wanting it made, which was upsetting as i just didnt want to let anyone down despite all the time, lack of sleep and money i spent creating the artwork (excluding the actual characters), composing the soundtrack, and just developing the software and making it as stable and visually pleasing as possible.
  • if you are interested in previewing what "Blueniverse" looked like whilst it was in development, you can grab the preview from the link below, but i will only keep the download live for a few days as i shouldnt really have it online being discontinued but because of the interest i have gone against myself, the horror...

    let me know what you think and i am very much aware of the clouds stopping when a character pops up somewhere and fixed it but this is the only surviving proof of the application ever have existed, sorry guys...
  • You sound like a nice guy, but this thread is turning from an offer to work pro-bono for telltale into and ad for you, and that makes me a bit uncomfortable. It would be easy to think that was your goal all along rather than supporting a company you like, and I'm sure you don't want people to misunderstand your intentions like that.

    Back to the main subject of this thread, I don't think they'd want to look into a project made by a fan, be it only for legal reasons. That, and they have a whole team, and the ability to contract other people. I think if they want to do such a project they probably don't need you.

    I'm sorry about that. I understand the feeling, it got me to send them plushes, which I'm sure they didn't need either, and it probably made me happier than it made them in the end. So I can really relate, but I'm worried you might have to look into something different if you want to help them.
    Talking to them in private also seems more appropriate for something of that kind, but you say you've already sent them an email about it so I guess I have nothing to add to that :)
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