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Do you believe in Aliens?

posted by Lonnie on - last edited - Viewed by 1.5K users
Just finished reading a book called 'The Uninvited'. It's about the Coombs family who experienced alien activity and visitations on their farm in 1977 in Wales, UK.

It was ok. After that I found a link to a BBC series called Britain's Closest Encounters.

also, does anyone remember that budget made movie about aliens visiting these people in America? It was shot in a Blair Witch style with a home video camera. I really want to see it again. Just cant remember what it was called. I remember two guys see some aliens experimenting on cows or something and the aliens look up and shoot one of them with the laser beam then the dudes run off.

I'm interested in the paranormal, but not sure I beleive everything I read and hear about.

how about you?
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  • puzzlebox;478662 said:
    If we ever WERE visited by intelligent life from other planets, I hope they'd have the common decency to be super-careful about ensuring they don't spread foreign diseases (or catch anything from us). Even if aliens were friendly rather than malicious, they could easily carry microbes and diseases to which we have absolutely no immunity.

    Can you infect a plant with a cold or can you get a plant disease?If not,why should diseases be more compatible with a even more foreign biology?
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Andorxor;479748 said:
    Can you infect a plant with a cold or can you get a plant disease?If not,why should diseases be more compatible with a even more foreign biology?
    There are certainly plenty of diseases that pass from animals to humans (zoonoses) - avian influenza (bird flu), swine-origin H1N1 (swine flu), bovine spongiform encephalopathy (mad cow disease), and bubonic plague to name a few.

    Sure, plant biology is fundamentally different at the cellular level to human biology, and so diseases can't (as far as we know) be transmitted between plants and humans. But how can you know whether aliens would be similar or dissimilar to humans in their biology? Given a total lack of information I'd rather err on the side of caution.

    This is all hypothetical anyway, since I don't believe we ever have been or likely ever will be visited by intelligent life from outer space.
  • we wont see aliens ever
  • hamza721;479790 said:
    we wont see aliens ever

    It's a good movie.
  • hamza721;479790 said:
    we wont see aliens ever
    Don't crap on my dream of having a Wookiee sidekick!
  • Theres some really intelligent peeps on here, I'm having fun reading all the posts.

    I too have a problem with aliens just studying us for so many years without making blatant contact. And why do aliens/UFO's always land in Chainsaw Massacre type know, middle of nowhere. Do they suffer from shyness? Or maybe they smell so bad they don't want to give themselves away too much. Or their bodies are radioactive.
  • Aliens visited me last night. They told me that we are all one with each other. They we're small and grey and had acid for blood. It's true I swear! They told me that they had visited Earth in the Eighties when they invaded an Antarctic out-post but apparently a bearded fellow fended them off.

    To all you doubters; I speak the truth and need no proof.
  • coolsome;482522 said:
    Is that for real?! I guess if MGS4 says it's true then it must be! Yet more proof that we're about to come under attack from our intergalactically foreign friends. They said there would be "solid" proof. Aaarrrhhhhhh, the prophecy is true, prepare to bow down to our slimy overlords; for they are our future and our death.

    Praise be to the Drippy Kings, we salute you and your squelchy brethren.
  • ♪♫♪I believe in aliens! Since you came along! You martian thing, martian thing.♫♪♫
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