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TF2 Item Trading Thread

posted by Jake Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 15.1K users
We've been getting a few people coming in to offer Team Fortress 2 item trades on this board.

To keep it from spamming the boards, I'm going to close all the item trading threads, and ask that all trading talk be contained in this thread.

Thanks, guys!
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  • I'll never understand why people is so obsessed with hats oò
  • Vyse220;446718 said:
    I'll never understand why people is so obsessed with hats oò
    People are obsessed with hats because it's so valuable. And it's so valuable people get obsessed with it. It's the ultimate cycle of Gabe Newell.
  • The Gentleman;446716 said:
    In short, Max heads are a lot rarer.
    When it comes down to rarity based on the community, the Max Head is the rarest and most valuable hat in the game at this point, besides Unusuals and the HOUWAW (Hat of undeniable wealth and wisdom).
  • It took me a few weeks but I finally got a Big Kill, i traded a few things for Earbuds and a friend gave me a bills hat and a Christmass tree
    I'm happy with the gun, but it's really annoniying how some people think you're dumb and tyr to scam you (someone even got mad because I wasn't trading it)
    Also it's sad how people just get the Max severed head as a status item or for it's trading value, while people who want the head just because they like the hat or love the Sam & Max games don't have big chances of getting one, Sometimes I hate the Community of the TF2, at first people was whinning for the unfitting "bunny ears" after some weeks of the Mannconomy uptade almost everybody wanted a Max head
  • Y2Zero;401997 said:
    The sam hat and big kill is what i want.
    How much would they go for?

    You are not alone who wanted it...........
  • Want Triboniophorus Tyrannus and/or Physician's Procedure Mask. Another Max's Head for my Fiance would be good too, rest of S&M items would be good too for her aswell.
  • Trading a Stainless Pot to anyone who gives me a black paint and 2 name tags.
  • Hi guys, I'd like to buy videogames for someone which can give me Sam and Max set for TF2. >.< I can go first for your safe!
  • supmandude85;446373 said:
    Does anybody want to trade Max's Severed Head for Poker Visor in Team Fortress 2?
    Ill trade you MY steam ID : CounterYossef

    I am a Fan of Sam and Max's
    and i miss the offer wonder if someone will tarde me their maxs or give it to me free on TF2 I will be very happy thanks you :)

  • Hello,

    I would like the Sam & Max hat. I would give you the steamgift "Greed Corp".

    My profile:
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