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Risen 2: Dark Waters

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Oh, just go on and read this, I've written everything there. Screenshots included.

For those of you who may know what I'm talking about...well, I'm talking about Risen 2. It looks brilliant and it got me really excited!

When TTG launched Tales of Monkey Island, people were talking about the possibility of having a MI RPG... this is as close as possible to that idea/dream! Let me hear your thoughts, let's get excited together! :D

...that sounded better in my head.
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  • Damn, that looks great! I'll certainly be buying a copy of this as soon as it's released and on special. Those environments are just begging for someone to go and explore them. I should probably go back and play the first game too, to get a feel for the style and the gameplay.
  • When did you start working for the man? You take a game that has pirates in it ,and you make it into a monkey island RPG, by twisting and fabricating abstract parallels between the two franchises?

    And the fact that this is a Monkey Island forum. They could pay you for such hype...

    The main character/ lead turns me off to it any ways...
  • In answer to your concern, please name three other games in which one can actually be a pirate and change the story depending on his actions. This practically screams "I wanna be a pirate!"..

    I'm just excited over this game and there are obvious parallels! Pirates and Voodoo Dolls? C'mon! :D
  • It's ok, I just have delusions of the man and all's cool. Sorry, I'm just unstable but I like being that way. :D

    Thanks for sharing.
  • SWP is right... while there are plenty of games with pirates in them there are not many fantasy pirate games... things that delve into magic, voodoo, and curses.
  • I haven't really played any rpgs before but this looks amazing - especially the artwork pictures. The trailer has a real MI2 atmosphere... I'm practically drooling LOL I'm definitely thinking about buying this, thanks for the heads up SWP
  • This game comes from the creators of Gothic, which is a series of games beloved by many players of adventure games. So I believe that Risen 2 would be a good start if you want to go into the RPG genre.
    And I wonder what the voice acting is going to be like. In Gothic, the American version was voiced by German actors, and I cannot forget the lines 'What the hell are YOU DOING here' by Jacko in the cave near the new camp, as well as the 'I'm waitin' for m'friend to return from th' miine' by one of the diggers outside the old camp.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Sarendor;486132 said:
    This game comes from the creators of Gothic, which is a series of games beloved by many players of adventure games. .
    Indeed, that is very true. I might add a few things. The creators of Gothic have literally tried to recreate their franchise with the first "Risen". This game has turned out to be exactly the same as their previous games - a feast for those who wanted exactly that, but dead boring to everyone else.

    I'm glad that they are now trying to head for "stranger tides", so to speak. Still, the ridiculous and counter-character "nameless hero" still prevails. Let's see if other characters get more of a face in this; unfortunately, this was exactly the weak point in "Gothic 3".

    But since the "Armada of the Dead" RPG was canceled by Disney (and THAT had looked like my hopes and dreams), I guess I'll give Risen 2 a fair and honest chance.

    By the way, in the aftermath of "Gothic 3", the rights of "Gothic" went to their publisher JoWood (who raped this licence for good). But it seems like those rights are expiring and will go back to Piranha Bytes. They will promptly make another Gothic, I can predict that with certainty.
  • Vainamoinen;486197 said:

    But since the "Armada of the Dead" RPG was canceled by Disney
    I understand why you liked that game...buuuut I have to say that I'm pretty certain it would've sucked as an RPG.

    The subject was brilliant...but the gameplay was not as complex as the one in Gothic. As far as I saw in the trailers... you could face situations in which you had two options:
    For example: Please help me, my daughter caught fire, do you have any water?

    Answer 1 - Yes, here you go, have fun!
    Answer 2 - No, you're ugly, go away!

    It's incredibly easy to guess which action is the "correct" one.

    In Gothic 2, there is a part where
    (not so big spoiler since it's the beginning of the game, but still a spoiler)
    A merchant that sits near a farm offers you a signed paper with which you are allowed into town. Being an ex convict, you are not allowed into town. He just asks you to remember "that you owe me one for helping you, friend".

    Later on, you find the merchant into town. He tells you to help him get his old spot in the marketplace back, since now a woman was selling her wares there.
    You are supposed to incriminate the woman, aka lie to the guards about her and get her thrown in jail.

    Now you had multiple options here:

    1 - Help the merchant, after all he helped you.
    2 - Tell the guards about the merchant's plan, and get him thrown in jail
    3 - Don't take the paper from the merchant, don't go into the city at the beginning.
    4 - Kill the merchant and take his paper.
    5 - Steal the paper from the merchant without killing him.
    6 - Work on a nearby farm and become a farmer. Farmers are allowed into the city.
    7 - Work on a nearby farm without becoming a farmer, take earned money and bribe the city guards to let you into the city.
    8 - Steal from the farm and bribe the guards.
    9 - Kill the merchant, steal his stuff, steal from the farm and don't go into the city, hoping for the best later on.[/SPOILER]

    Now THAT's what I call an RPG... not to mention that each of these actions influences the story in bigger or smaller ways.
    You could face a revenging enemy later on or just a big XP boost, with guilt hanging over your head.

    Let's hope Risen 2 works the same way.
    (Piranha Bytes) will promptly make another Gothic, I can predict that with certainty.
    Woohoo!! :D
  • ^ That sounds very very very cool! All those options, and which one is the correct one? Fantastic!

    Too bad my computer won't support those graphics. Oh, well...
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