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Do Telltale have any respect for iPad gamers who bought BttF ep1..? Doesn't seem like

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So there's no denying it - Back to the Future runs like garbage on the iPad, but hey that's my fault for not owning an iPad 2 right? And over a month after it's release there's no sign of a patch. If Infinity Blade, a game that looks incredible, can run ok surely this game can.

Episode 2? Forget it, looks like they've abandoned us AGAIN like they did with Sam & Max. Some of you say that the reason there's no extra episode of Sam & Max after the first is because of it's size. The game Riven is over 1Gb on the app store so sell that LIE somewhere else.

I'd be willing to pay for BttF ep2 on iPad, I can't play it any other way, and some may call me a whiner, but I PAID for the first episode, which runs like crap and they KNOW people buy this stuff to get the full series. So to cut them off after ONE game us a real slap in the face.

You guys make EXCELLENT games. Really, I love how you bought back Marty and Doc for one last adventure. But I feel so let down because if I owned a PlayStation 3, a better computer or to a lesser extent an iPad 2 I'd be treated to a better experience. I just wanted episode 2 so much, but I doubt I'll see it anytime soon.

tl;dr -- is the iPad just a dumping ground for failed experiments? Or will we get a GOOD version of BttF ep2 soon?
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