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German Mac version of ToMI

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What about a German version for Macs? There are English Versions for Windows and Mac from Telltale. And there is a German version for Windows from Daedalic.
Daedalic was asked for a German Mac version in their forums.
And they replied:
Gerne würden wir auch eine Mac-Version anbieten, Telltale möchte uns diese aber nicht lizensieren. Tut mir leid!
We would offer a Mac version, too, but Telltale do not want to give us the license. Sorry!

What is that about?:confused:

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  • (Sorry about my verry bad english (Google must help) - but it`s part of the Issue):

    In the Wikipedia is that on 11.9.2010 a German version was released. I played the first chapter and found that my English is not quite enough :-(

    Does the now in German for the Mac?
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