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Telltale Makes My Little Pony Game

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This is also confirmed by Jake in this thread. No turnbacks.

Wanted to open the thread before the actual announcement. I want to hear TRUE opinions about this... thing, instead of generic shit "YAY PONIES BY TELLTALE". I hope I'm not the only one who is truly disappointed.
Kotaku said:
Telltale has finally dropped some hot news, however it isn't related to The Walking Dead: The Game like many of us expected so. Instead, current information points out Telltale has yet another new project, based on the hit cartoon series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


Lauren Faust, creator of the series, has confirmed the project after the leakage of only two low-res early promotional artworks. "Telltale's capabilities of storytelling and characterization perfectly match the world of My Little Pony" says Faust. The game will introduce a new roster of vicious male ponies, namely "The Band of Bronies", who aim for troubling our beloved characters. The second artwork shows us the early design of a member of the band, who bears a tad bit weird name; Chaos Cerberus.


Telltale Games, however, seems to be shy to openly announce this great news so far. Faust declares that the project is slowly getting its shape since January, which makes us quite curious why Telltale didn't reveal it alongside The Walking Dead, Fables and King's Quest Reboot.

I'm sorry MLP fans, but this is utter bullcrap. Telltale, seriously, for how long are you going to alienate your own fans? I have no problems with My Little Pony, in fact it looks quite cute and shit; but this is just UNNEEDED. Don't you guys have a full schedule already? Why do you feel the need to cling onto EVERYTHING that has grown popular? Why do you feel like you need a bigger fanbase? I was merely disappointed when I heard you guys wanted to get Scott Pilgrim, but this is just inexcusable. I'm sorry Telltale, I guess I won't be having any more of your products from this point onwards. You do not appeal to me anymore, you do not want me. You want hipsters and you want to control this era's culture, and I don't want to be a part of it.

That "Chaos Cerberus" looks a lot like Spyro by the way. Way to be really original.

Kotaku's article;!5782437/Ponies-are-getting-a-game/
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