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Everything Must Go!

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So I must have MVD surgery and well, telltale is now very low priority for me

Im looking to sell everything I have related to sam & max (quite a few neat items)
Some Im not sure what they are worth which is why im posting here.

I have pretty much everything sam and max ever sold by telltale
one thing I want an opinion on is the old
Fizzball print... mine is in decent condition but it would be hard to ship if sold and its the old paper
which brings me to lucasarts mags (every single one)
both pins
the pen
3d art relief (of the original game box cover)
stickers, old books and new, most have custom art in the fronts. some are personalized so I doubt anyone would pay much for those.

I also will be selling my L studio jacket from the S&M cartoon in canada.
Its in prestine condition, but wont fit tall or large people (im tall and its short in arms)

I wouldnt know how to price these things, I just know what I paid

any suggestions or shall I just ebay and see from there?
was thinking at least the devout would be here.. and im not amazon prices.
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  • I say everything signed or very rare should be sold around $100, and all the other collectables at least $30. I don't know their actual prices, but that sounds fair to me.

    As for the case files, putting them on e-bay may be the best idea. Although putting them on e-bay leaves me out of the running for one, since I never use the site. :(
    I think I was the first person to ask about these in this forum.
  • Sorry if I was insensitive before. Just trying to be helpful. Some price indications then:

    T-shirts: Telltale normally sells these for $18.95, and is still selling a reprint of the '92 shirt. I doubt you can get much more for them, since the popular Max & Crossbones and Max Imp ones are still selling.
    Posters: Telltale used to sell these two, but sold out years ago. A lot of people seem to want the surreal office print, so you might get 2-3 times original price for that. (Telltale's usual price point is $14.95, and $5 extra if signed by Steve.)
    Symbiote Statuettes: Still for sale for $24.95.
    Animation crew jacket: The most valuable thing of all. If the wiki page is to be believed, they've gone for $100-350.
    Relief: Very rare and very cool, but hard to put a price on. About as much as a poster, maybe? I dunno.
    Everythingmustgo;441804 said:
    the books are what I disagree with esp since one I did spend a good 100$+ on and it was tpb, but thats the thing, not knowing what the new book did to the old, one tpb was 10$ on ebay .. sad! but just goes to show you are right but so am I, can go low and high.
    Steves signatrue makes things worth that much more?
    Not so much if it were just a signature. But customized full-page color art like that, absolutely.
    is any of this in wiki or needing to be? might be a perfect time to add it.
    The merchandise section has descriptions for almost everything, but some of those pictures would be a nice addition. I'll edit and add them there if that's ok with you.
  • add anything you like mate

    also you hit a key about shirts I dont agree on.
    The SOLD OUT shirts of TTG.. and the OLD real NON reprints of comic con sold shirts arent worth anything close to 20$..
    I did say, only the die hard would want the original vs the reprint since I dont think there is a difference other than truth in age and label..

    didnt know the statues were down that low... they started 100$ didnt they or do you mean the mini's? (I was talking I had 2 of the big statues)
    as for the mini's they didnt hit TTG until many weeks after symbiote shipped to me

    also the poster print shown and known as "western print" I believe was the official title..
    was ORINGINALLY only on TANTRUM's website.. then the left overs came here.
    THEY WERE NOT the same price as TTG poopy paper cheapo's(even as cool as those are)

    this is huge, good stock poster paper.. and no man, it wasnt worth close to 19.95 SIGNED.. lol

    so again im lost on the shirts, as now most and you are saying they are worthless due to telltale selling them even though they dont sell any of the ones im selling ( I do have crossbones and imps if people want them but yea I wouldnt charge anything more than retal)

    ADD to wiki anything,
    esp having those rare little artiles about s&m I didnt know existed IE the purcell summary and future of the sam and max and gumby special on the way...
  • Everythingmustgo;441929 said:
    didnt know the statues were down that low... they started 100$ didnt they or do you mean the mini's? (I was talking I had 2 of the big statues)
    I meant the minis. The bigger ones are still selling at $75.
  • ah yes those minis I added because TTG didnt sell them forever after symbiote released.
    I got a box on my door monnnths ago saying "sorry about the broken statue"
    (they broke monkey island and 1 sam & max with poor shipping) all I asked for was a swap and well I got 3 statues 1 broken just a bit :P

    Anyway those mini's...were on my door with that note saying sorry and HERE is the long waitied symbiotes! Im one of the first, seemed generic in letter form.
    did NOT know TTG sold them yet, last I had checked they were in shop but not shipping.

    anyway.. thats why those were listed as such.

    is there anything you need or would like better pics of or other pics of?
    I didnt list quite a bit. So far most of it is the newer stuff, and of course games but yea
    IM HOLDING on to my talkie s&m its my baby.
  • I'm sorry, EMG, for being snippy. I thought you ignored me like everyone else does (except for a few of the "old timers", hence why I visit this board rarely). I guess I took it out on you. No excuse, but I'm sorry.

    Oh! And a hundred and one thanks for the image donations. The Wiki really needed more merchandise example pictures.
  • Put me on the list for a season 1 case file!
  • I'm very interested to buy it but the problem is......... Is all sizes are available?
  • Did someone manage to buy something from this person?
  • Bumping more threads isn't helping you out here. We've already seen your other thread, we already know your plight. Please keep your request to that one thread.
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