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  • RingmasterJ5;487327 said:
    Nope. :(

    Gabe, I has a sad.
  • I don't think they're going to actually make a game out of Super 8, it was just something that hasn't been done before. Since Valve makes some great cinematic interactive sequences just like that it was a perfect fit. I'm very impressed. I wonder if other game companies will do these little interactive teasers.
  • No No dont stop steam. NO NO! STEAM LOAD!!!
  • Finished single player. And, uh... wow.

    I'm afraid of saying anything that constitutes as a spoiler, but here's the thing - I felt sympathy for every character. That's a hard thing for a game to pull off.

    A couple of plot decisions kind of made me go 'eehhh,' but then were wrapped up satisfactorily. Still, a fantastic game and one of the best I have ever played. (needed my brother to backseat game - I often suck at puzzles.)

    So, uh, yeah...

    Now hunting the soundtrack.
  • This game is full of awesome on so many levels. <3
  • Hey, anyone want to play co-op? My steam info is in my sig.
  • I just finished single player and all I can say is this, it was AWESOME!.... Well that and I'm going to have a fun time not talking about it with anyone since none of my friends play Portal.
  • I on the other hand wont be beating it in a day.
    I have self control.
    Also looks like it will be me and Seibert when playing co-op.

    And as for the hats.
    Why valve why. Id be fine if you could transfer all tf2 hats over so I can wear my max's head/portal pin, but really only 6 hats. I only had one and it was the manco cap.

    And for the store.
    WTF is wrong with this? Well the gestures you unlock ingame suck, and now I have to pay $1.50 for one. Shame because I like breakdancing robots.
  • A game satisfying multiple members of the board? A banner day.
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