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King's Quest Collection - Steam Version help needed

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Seeing how there were help topics for older Monkey Island titles, I made this one (seeing how you need to make 10 posts on Steam forums first before you can ask help >_>)

I installed the game and started with KQ5.
However, when I try to save, it says there is no disk space available or something like that.
I tried the solution of the "hardcopy KQ Collection" but then Steam doesn't let me allow to play the game.

Please help fellow KQ brothers & sisters.
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  • I actually think the KQ4 AGI version would have been a worthy game to include in their KQ collections... I feel it's quite different than EGA version of their various VGA games as it's their only game released in two 'engines'... which to me seems a lot more novel than simply EGA versions of their VGA games.

    And it would have saved me the trouble (and money) of getting on eBay seperately.
    Same with the floppy versions of their various CD games, KQ5 especially... as KQ5 won't even let you disable voices and use text instead. So you're stuck with the horrible voices, completely ruining the game for me (and I imagine most people, at least people having played the floppy version first).

    Even though they can easily be bought online, I'd still prefer to have them in the collections as well... for the sake of completeness and also - I would prefer having them on CDs (I can of course burn backups to CDs but it's not the same :p) as floppies are much more unreliable.

    I don't see much reason not to include these things seeing as they take up so little space. Even if they were worried that people might get confused, or need more support etc... they could've included them as bonus features you could find on the CD (not in the installation menus and such), like other bonus features you often got on those collections (Nick's Picks or whatever it's named, etc).

    Oh yeah, I would also liked to have seen the various early Hoyle games featuring Sierra characters included, but this is one thing I would never expect to be included and obviously would never complain about not being there... just something I think would have been really cool to have included.

    This one Leisure Suit Larry collection I have is especially cool with bonus features... forgot what it's called exactly, "Ultimate Pleasure Pack" or something like that... which came with extras such as the Laffer Utilities and such.

    But I agree the Sierra collections, despite not including everything I would have liked, were really good... they were what really got me into buying Sierra games in general, and the very first game collections I ever bought.

    I obviously played many Sierra games before buying any of these collections, but I hadn't started 'collecting' Sierra games until I started getting the collections (for a few years, I played most of them at a friends place as I had an Amiga... and Sierra was notoriously bad at porting their games to the Amiga, you have to look long and hard to find ports as lazy and rubbish as the Sierra ones).
    The reason I bought a PC in the first place (I really preferred the Amiga) was so I could play Sierra games.

    My favourite Sierra collection (not my favourite games by any means, far from it - I mean my favourite collection as in the one I think was the best one when it came to including lots of cool little extras and such) has to be the Roberta Williams Anthology.
    It's really fantastic, including several of Robertas Apple II games (not ports or anything obviously, just 'images' you could run using an included Apple II emulator... which is the way I prefer it anyway... unaltered games is much cooler in my opinion than when they've been messed with to make them compatible with modern operating systems etc).
    Not that I ever spent all that much time playing these Apple II games, but I still think it's really cool of Sierra to have included these.
    One thing I remember thinking when I got this collection and finding the Apple II games on there was how cool it would have been if they had done a similar thing with the Kings Quest collection and included the NES version of KQ5 and a NES emulator... but Nintendo being Nintendo, I could see this bringing nothing but trouble :p

    Also has Colonel's Bequest and Dagger of Amon Ra, and of course the Kings Quest games. But even in this one, you don't get the floppy versions of games also released on CD.

    And it even had quite large scans (for the time anyway, still not bad resolution at all) of the game boxes of the games included. Sadly they only included scans of the front of the boxes, I would have loved to have scans of the back of the boxes as well... but even so, a really cool thing to include in my opinion.

    Was a bit bummed it didn't include The Black Cauldron as I understood she was involved with that project as well, but I've also read this was designed by Al Lowe..? I can't remember, I don't think I ever fully read up on that.
    I guess maybe she wasn't all that heavily involved with it (?) or maybe there were copyright issues as the game is based on a Sierra movie.
    Thank god for the internet making it so easy to pick up these 'missing' games seperately, or it would have annoyed me a lot more.
  • is there any way of getting that KQ collection patch to work with the version included in the Telltale Adventure Bundle? I've tried installing it and it says that I don't have the collection.
  • Actually, check my thread on the help pages on here. I put a copy of my executable setup for DOSbox in there that you can just copy and paste into all of the config files to make all the games work as intended. Except for the intro vid for 6. I still can't get that to play with sound.
  • ScreamingFalcon;486184 said:
    Except for the intro vid for 6. I still can't get that to play with sound.
    You can't get the opening movie from KQ6 to work? For the DOS or the Windows version? It works just fine on mine for both.
  • It works, just dead silence. Except for the music.
  • For which version? both?

    the DOS version runs well under DOSBox, the Windows version runs well under ScummVM. As such, either version has different settings to modify.

    EDIT: Ohh... wait, you mean the music plays but the voices aren't heard? All the voices or just the narrator's voice? If I recall correctly, the DOS version of KQ6 has written narrator lines that are not spoken during the opening movie, though Alexander, Valanice and Cassima do have speaking parts. It's the Windows version of KQ6 where the narrator's lines are spoken during the opening movie.

    DOS intro: (no narrator voice)

    Windows intro: (voiced narrator)
  • Yeah, not only do none of the voices work on the DOS version in DOSBox, but it skips and pixelates alot. Either way, it at least does work in ScummVM.
  • Does the "audio" field in your resource.cfg file point to where your resource.aud file is (from DOSBox's perspective)?
  • It's a shame King's Quest VII doesn't work in Scummvm yet since that's the only game I had any problems with in that collection (videos don't work).
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