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How many concerts have you been to?

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Ya know, concerts?
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  • coolguy721 wrote: »
    looks like we got a metal mod

    I guess, to be fair. But, hopefully he likes other bands equally if not far more, if he is a "metalhead". :D

    No hate...just a very diverse genre and those bands aren't that diverse. No hate...

    ASF takes a lot of bashing, so I won't go on about it. I don't like to judge, metal heads are closed minded and argue over the worse things imaginable of music...A lot of people say it's poser metal, or POP metal, meh...

    No hate.

    But to be a "metalhead" there's a few types , I'm not sure what the metal mod type is like yet, though. :)
  • Two. AC/DC and Avenged Sevenfold/Disturbed.

    I'm rather jealous. If I could pick any two concerts to go to...those would probably be pretty high up, if not at the top of the list.

    And to keep this on topic, I've been to no concerts. Well, none outside the realm of classical and dixieland jazz.
  • Dunno - well over 100.

    BB King this Sunday, and I'm thinking of going to George Clinton P-Funk on Saturday.
  • coolguy721 wrote: »
    looks like we got a metal mod

    Not so much. I'm a fan of AC/DC and jumped at the chance for that one when my dad wanted to go. Avenged Sevenfold and Disturbed sort of dropped into my lap when my 15 year old cousin had an extra ticket and needed someone to take him and his friend. I definitely really enjoyed it, and I'm liking the two bands more and more as I'm hearing more of their music, but I probably wouldn't have ever chosen to go to that concert on my own. And I would've been poorer for it. Except Stone Sour, who opened for them. That part sucked.

    Oh, and Mike Portnoy was playing with A7X at the time. That was amazing.

    Sometime in August, I think, Heart and Def Leppard are supposed to do a concert together, and I want to go to that one so bad, but I don't think it's going to happen.
  • Two for me as well. AC/DC and the Soundwave festival, which I saw a whole bunch of great bands, some of which I was a fan of prior to their sets (Iron Maiden, Slash, Monster Magnet, etc.), and some which I was a fan of after their sets (Primus, most notably - man, I was impressed with their performance!).

    I was hoping to go see Alestorm in Perth, but don't quite have the cash to make the trip and pay for the ticket.
  • I've been to two music festivals, both this year. I got to see my favourite band of all time, Faithless, preform on my birthday. It was an absolutely unforgettable experience made even more significant by the fact that it was part of their thank you and farewell tour; it was one of the greatest nights of my life.
  • I went to the first concert for Greenday's American Idiot Tour, back when they were still punk and hadn't sold out Sugarcult and New Found Glory opened, it was pretty awesome. I went with my folks and my sister, which got hilarious, given we were in the mosh pit.

    Aside from that, I've been to a Journey gig in my hometown, got dragged to a Sugar Ray show by my Dad and saw Cascada at UCSB (I went mainly because tickets to hear the Dali Lama speak were sold out.

    I've also been to a Kenny Garrett gig, but technically didn't stay for the whole thing because my Jazz Band had a gig going at the time.

    I was really hoping Daft Punk would start touring again while I was in Europe, since Alive 2007 kicked righteous amounts of ass but never came stateside, but that's probably not going to happen.
  • mgrant wrote: »
    I went to the first concert for Greenday's American Idiot Tour, back when they were still punk

    Green Day stopped being punk right after they released Dookie. it still didn't stop Warning from being their best album. The latest effort was pretty apalling all things considered I thought

    I saw them on the American Idiot tour and the 21st Century Breakdown tour (free ticket second time around). Pretty much identical shows. it was sorta pathetic when they played Brainstew/Jaded and the background screen had all these posters of NOFX and Bad Religion and Rufio gigs.

    I dunno how many gigs i've been to, somewhere between "a good few" and "lots"
  • Hmm... Too many to count, but not very recently. I'm taking my dad to see Rush next month. Should be fun.
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