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Dear telltale and community we want (SPOILER)

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Dear Telltale games,community

First I want to start by saying S&M was an awesome game so thx to telltale. I also want to thank the community by giving morale to the fans that couldnt wait for the game to comeout. There was only one problem. Our furry little friend had died at the ending of the season. I made this letter to warn telltale games that some ppl and I want Max back in season4. The real Max. So community its your job to spread this out so plz help to spread tnis out.(no rude or hurtful comments)

By aerbil
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  • I kind of stopped laughing and moved it to the Sam and Max forum. :)

    Trust me, there are MANY people who are checking these forums. Not to mention TTG staff. Don't worry about it.
  • That one that's alive, that's the real Max. There are no fake Maxes.
  • No but im talking about the one that goes through season 1 to 3. There arnt any fake maxs but there are alternate versions
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    ...and I merged with the thread already existing. I'll also edit the tagline for spoilers.
  • Enlighten me as to why "Max X" is so different from Original Max that he's an unacceptable substitute.
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    They're both the real Max. They're both the real Max. They're both the real Max. WHY IS THIS SO HARD TO GRASP
  • Okay, no. We don't need another thread like this. Telltale HAS seen voiced displeasure at this particular story element before, and they've commented on it as much as they're probably ever going to, and whether or not people are satisfied with that explanation is their own problem. Spamming up the forums and encouraging the exact same arguments that we've had before isn't going to change anything at all.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    "Hey Max, remember that time when you died and then came back in a time machine?"

  • Jake;488955 said:
    "Hey Max, remember that time when you died and then came back in a time machine?"

    Yeah that about sums up Sam and Max's story doesnt it?
    Plus Chuck said that Max has a hive mind so technicaly had the memories of the "original" Max.
  • Just so everyone can be happy and live out the rest of their lives and move on, just pretend that the Max that died was the fake one, ok?

    Yeah. I might've made things worse now. But, no. What's done is done, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, I'm going to freakin' bed. XD

    P.S. - read Jake's comment. Now read it again. Repeat, until concept is grasped. OK, nighty night~
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