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What do you want to see in Puzzle Agent 2? (Spoilers)

posted by waroftheworlds01 on - last edited - Viewed by 1.1K users
I just finished playing Puzzle Agent yesterday and I loved it. However, there were a lot of unanswered question as well as some bugs that need to be worked on.

In Puzzle Agent 2 I hope we get to visit some of the other places in the Town. They had all these diffrent areas but the only ones you visited was the diner, inn, woods, lake and factory but there were more areas on the map that we did not visit so it would be cool to be able to visit those in Part 2

I would also like to learn more about the Cult. I'm still not exactly sure what their agenda is. Like why they locked that guy in the Factory, what was he chosen for?

And the Gnomes of course. What part do they play in all this? Why did they drag the guy into the woods at the end?

And there were also some bugs in the game that need to be fixed for the second one. The major one was when the snowmobile would not show up and you were stuck in that area. Sometime, just backing out and reloading fixed it but not always and you shouldn't have to be backing out of a game to fix bugs anyway.

Some more puzzles are always welcomed of course.

And more creepy Gnomes!!! lol

What do yall want to see in Puzzle Agent 2?
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  • I'd like to see Principal Skeleton as the headmaster of Scoggins School. That would be sooo cool!
  • Linque;486663 said:
    More interesting puzzles, no clickfests and trial & error puzzles as in the first Puzzle Agent.
    Which of PA1's puzzles did you consider clickfests or trial and error?
  • I haven't played it after I finished it for the first time, but these come to mind:

    - The "arrange pieces into the right position in the picture" -puzzles (like the one where you had to put in pieces of food on a plate)
    - The stacked chairs puzzle where you formed a picture of a plant with some gnomes in it or some such. I organized the picture upside down the first go around.
    - The sound wave puzzle since the description was lacking
    - The snowbike puzzles were borderline, but I guess they were ok.
  • None of those puzzles were "trial and error" -- there was logic and reason behind the solutions to all of the puzzles in Puzzle Agent. Now, the instructions for some of the puzzles might have been unintentionally misleading or insufficient such that some players were only able to proceed based on trial and error. That is unfortunate, and I believe Telltale will be more conscientious about that in the second game. But I think it's important to note that none of the puzzles were fundamentally "trial and error" puzzles.

    Incidentally, I liked the food-on-a-plate puzzle very much. It was a creative twist on the standard jigsaw puzzle, where the borders of the pieces did not match exactly yet it was still clear that they fit together in a unique way. It's true that the pieces snapped together too easily, making it seem like the puzzle solved itself. But that's not trial and error either. I would like to see a more challenging version of a puzzle like that: more pieces, allow pieces to be rotated, and don't snap them together so easily.
  • If possible, show where the gnomes are(meaning the hideout). Although I guess thats better left off as a mystery.
  • In addition to more locations, I would also like to see what other abilities the gnomes have. So far they've shown that they move incredibly fast, have strong influence over the minds of humans, and are immune to bullets. What else are they capable of?
  • I thought the ending was surprising & hilarious. Leaving me questions like whatsup with these gnomes & Issac Davner guy? could they have brainwashed that crazy cult? Wonder why we cant access those other locations? Puzzle Agent 2 will hopefully answer all our questions! midnight june 30th game becomes available:cool:
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  • I thought the first one was great, but I never understood the deal with the "astronaut." Judging by the trailer, we'll see more of it. The only problem I had was that while the trailer was really creepy, the game wasn't even close, except for the pipe scene and maybe the shack scene as well. I'd like to have a bit more horror in this one- not like Amnesia or Silent Hill level, but definitely a bit scarier.
  • I'm hoping for...

    ...better puzzles in a way that they are more unique and challenging. I also wouldn't complain if there would be more of them.
    ...but don't expect a better point&click feeling, where Nelson actually walks around, just the way you are used to since so many point&click adventure games.
    ...that the game works out of the box on the/my Mac.
    ...the story which glues the puzzles together is either interesting, which i sadly doubt, or can by bypassed in a effective way to play the puzzles.
    ...that Nelson gets rid of his gun, puzzle agents, as i understand them, shouldn't use guns at all.
    ...not really but i would dance and sing out of joy for everything beeing out in the exosphere or even beyond.
    ...great gfx, sfx, talkie and moods again.
    ...a situation where someone screams out in panic like in some of the videos and maybe even a slightly darker/depressive mood.
  • waroftheworlds01;461263 said:
    I don't think an in-game notepad is necessary. I mean, I had my own notepad on the side to help me with some of the puzzles.
    While it may not be necessary, it would make the game better, and would be optional. I'd love to have an in-game notepad.
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