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  • One Max Show
    In the same continuity, but it should be funny regardless of whether you get the reference. The compatibility is remarkable, I think I'll produce some more later.
  • How to use clues
    Computer Security
    An unfortunately all-too-recognizable sequence of events for the CA player. Who knew cracking satirical jokes about a personal favorite could be so amusing? Make sure you read'em in top-to-bottom order.

    PS I'm afraid my laggy internet connection has accidently made me create that last comic twice. If that's problematic, would someone with administrative powers please delete the 24195835 copy for me? I'd prefer to keep the 24195907 copy, as that's the one I'm linking to here.
  • Significant Letters
    Remarkably Similar
    Enjoy as our agents use their unique insights to decide what to do next.
  • Harald B;27671 said:
    For your information, Max seems to be describing a honeypot.
  • Mmm, a comment :) Thanks for the link, that's a pretty interesting read. I was hoping to post a vintage screenshot of CA's hollywood-style hacking here but as it turns out taking a screenshot off a full-screen dosbox in XP is notoriously difficult. Oh well, maybe later.
    Anyway, did you like this crossover series?
  • I just now got around to reading these. I love them even having not played that game! But as a fan of shows like Alias, it has it's appeal. Good work.
  • Thanks. I recommend you give that game a go (underdogs has it, amongst other places). I think it's still the complete cinematic spy experience. It really has it all: ops, codebreaking, wiretapping, car chases, double agents (on both sides), prison breaks, exchanges, globetrotting, vague clues, red herrings, and more. Sid Meier calls putting so much elements in "the Covert Action mistake", but I'd pay through the nose for a properly adapted DS remake.
    (Also: wow, 8-month bump. It took me a moment to realize why this thread title sounded so familiar... :))
  • I liked them, they were quite funny and ive never seen the show or the game.
    sounds pretty cool though.
  • I like how out of 10 posts in this thread, 7 of them are the OP's.
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