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This Is The Real Bone

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This is the correct list of all 9 books (in order)

-out from Boneville
-the great cow race
-eyes of the storm
-the dragonslayer
-rock jaw: master of the eastern border
-old man's cave
-ghost circles
-treasure hunters
-crown of horns

i have 6 of them and read them (the first 6 cuz the rest havnt come out)

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  • The black and white art looks much better than the color art tbqh.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    I agree, I love the black and white version of Bone. I think the color hqs gotten better as the books have progressed, though.
  • I think that the colour actually looks better, but that's just me I suppose.
  • For me, I thought they really overused gradient coloring. It makes everything look too artificial. Plus, Jeff Smith has a concept of black and white I've never seen from anyone besides Frank Miller. His stark contrasts still have depth to them, giving the illusion that there is shading, when it's actually just plain black and white. In addition, he uses varying tip sizes to fantastic effect. Bone is the best black and white work I've ever seen.

    Also, the color versions are shrunk down, which doesn't help their case.

    I guess the point of the color versions is to make it more accessible, but if I had never known about the black and white version, and just saw those, I probably would have been turned off to it.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    There's a good, and pretty recent, interview with Jeff Smith here where he talks about the color vs black and white versions, among other things. A recommended read!
  • While I'll always prefer the original black and white Bone, the color versions are really awesome and definitely not hack jobs. I've been buying them as they've come out and I find them quite impressive without the horrendous loss of detail I usually associate with half-assed colorizations.
  • I only have the One Volume book, and the first Scholastic one. I still have to get the other ones in color. I think Scholastic did a great job with the color in the first book.

  • Ya i have 1-6 in color and i have the black and white colored one with the 1-9.Its sad lucius dies.
    im the BIGGEST bone fan!along with many others :D
    also how do u post a avatar in the small box?:confused:
  • The first printing of scholastic's Out From Boneville had a shoddy print job, so watch out for that when buying!
    It's not horrible, but compared to the other volumes you can see that the colour isn't as vibrant and some pages have pixellated lines. Best example of this is on the page where Thorn is coming downstairs and Gran'ma Ben is lighting the candle when the rat creatures are attacking.
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    19inuyasha95;49413 said:
    also how do u post a avatar in the small box?:confused:
    Go to your User Control Panel. Click on edit avatar and upload a picture of your own (it can be one that you have on your hard drive or one from the internet - i.e. an url that ends in .jpg or .gif or .png file. It just needs to be under 19.5 kB).
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