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Grim Fandango: Hopelessly stuck

posted by TrogLlama on - last edited - Viewed by 7.3K users
The Telltale forums really aren't the place to discuss this, but I'm not a member of any other forum, so there you go.
Also, please note that this isn't a puzzle solution (I don't think), but quite possibly a glitch that'll set me back quite a bit due to not saving.
Anyway, in year 3 at the edge of the world I'm underwater at the conveyor belt. I set it to go in reverse, towards where Glottis is, and now I need to get back. However, if I go forwards I end up back on the conveyor belt and can't get off so I have to go back to where I was, and if I go backwards I leave as soon as the area loads (this is without any user interaction).
Can I get out of this or do I have to reload?
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