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How to Handle Deaths (Revised Poll)

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There has been much debate over how to handle deaths in this game. I want to present a single option asd ask, would this be ok with you?

So, if they were to implement the retry option as the default and allow the user to disable it and only save manually if they choose, would you be satisfied with that compromise?
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  • Hopefully we can get a fast save and load-system in this game, hopefully a quick-save and quick-load function.
    None of that crap we've had up until now where it takes 18 hours to save your game.
  • Never took me 18 hours. With Sierra games, even once the mouse was introduced, they allowed you to press F5 to save and F7 to reload. Odd coinkydink (or not), Interplay used that setup as the quicksave/quickload combo for Fallout and Fallout 2.
  • Sierra games always had a quick way to save and load, I'm talking about the Telltale games, ScreamingFalcon.
    Like TOMI, Sam and Max, BTTF etc, where it requires 450 mouse clicks every time you want to save your game.
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    Chyron8472;488947 said:
    Yes. This.

    It's part of the established gameplay of the franchise. KQ7 moved to retries and ticked a lot of people off for it.

    King's Quest has a very loyal fan following with strong feelings of nostalgia about the franchise, and if Telltale doesn't want to alienate a significant portion of the target market for this game, then they need to stick to tradition in this case.
    It's a bit like getting mad at Microsoft because they introduced an autosave feature to Excel. "I remember the days when the best part of creating a spreadsheet was the thrill of losing it when the power went out!" It just seems very strange to me.

    I do agree that many of the complaints are nostalgia-driven, it's the only way that calls for 2D graphics or (of all things) a text-parser can be reasonably considered when talking about a game being released in 2011. I just don't think the loyal fanbase is as large as you think it is.

    It kinda ties into this false dichotomy of old school gamers and casual gamers. Things like save/restore/quit died out because technology and gaming evolved, not as a personal affront to hardcore gamers. The shift in expectations was at least implicitly acknowledged by Sierra itself when it introduced retry in KQ7. Adventure games have probably, of all genres, been most resistant to change. It's hardly surprising you don't see all that many of them anymore.
  • NSM;489407 said:
    It's a bit like getting mad at Microsoft because they introduced an autosave feature to Excel. "I remember the days when the best part of creating a spreadsheet was the thrill of losing it when the power went out!" It just seems very strange to me.
    I don't see how that's a valid comparison, it's apples and oranges. This is about making the game somewhat challenging and adding a danger element to the game world.
    In King's Quest death can lurk behind every corner, it's the way it has always been and it's a tradition that should not ever be broken.
    You have to save often or you can expect to get screwed.
  • MusicallyInspired;486614 said:
    Despite all of this, retries negate the effect of a death in a game. If that's the way adventures MUST go then remove deaths altogether because there's no point for them.
    So I'm curious, does that mean that the deaths in Portal are pointless?
  • No. The game doesn't give you a retry in Portal. It autosaves at the beginning of each test area. If you don't save manually immediately before a death you have to do a bunch of things over again. I'm ok with area-based autosaves. Not death autosaves.
  • Example of a non-cheap death in KQ: from the files of KQVI, you are warned multiple times of the strong undertow in the waters around the Land of the Green Isles. However, if you are stupid enough to try to ignore this good advice, you WILL drown and be visiting the underworld.

    The deaths in KQ's later games were not random and most deaths in KQ at all came from ignoring plain old common sense (example: swimming too long or too far from shore in KQI-IV) or from ignoring the best advice you can get in an adventure game, "if it isn't nailed down, pick it up" (for the unfamiliar, KQV and KQVI have great examples of dead-ends that punish the unprepared, although KQVI would give you a chance to get your supplies before embarking on the challenge). I can think of only a few random kills and those are mostly from KQI and KQII (ok, a tiny bit in KQVII, but you could make those end for good eventually). However, in those you could get temporary protection from a faerie of some sort so you would not die.

    So, there you have it, Sierra's in-game deaths were there not to be walls in the way of progress, but to teach you to use your head and think about it, THEN act.
  • I don't see a valid argument when someone says a retry option would make the game lose its "authenticity" as Sierra implemented the retry into its adventure games in later years. Anyone who followed Sierra at the time knew why too, because most people HATED the old save system that they hung on to for so long. The games evolved, the only reason to have the old save system would be for nostalgia and if that what you want, you might as well play the old games.
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